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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2011
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In a country with the best healthcare in the world, we have experienced the unfortunate rise in accidents and fatalities within the HEMS industry. The alphabet soup of organizations, agencies, and groups have all come to the same conclusion that a fundamental change in our operating culture needs to occur so that we can reduce the accidents by focusing more on prevention than accident investigation.

Company Background

NORTH Flight Data Systems, LLC is a collaboration of Metro Aviation President Mike Stanberry and Jeffery Warner, former vice president of sales for OuterLink, who drove the product line development. It is a management buyout of the voice, video, and data recorder products developed in partnership with industry leaders such as PHI Air Medical and Metro Aviation. The design, manufacturing and support operation have been moved to Arlington, Texas within relative earshot of Bell Helicopter, Eurocopter, and the FAA Rotorcraft Directorate. NORTH FDS designs and manufactures cockpit voice and video recorders that can interface with the OuterLink satcom network or act as a stand-alone recorder and output messages to other satcom providers such as those providing services through the Iridium network.


Multi-Function Data Acquisition Unit

To enhance the system, NORTH FDS manufactures a Multi-Function Data Acquisition Unit that has an extensive array of analog, digital, serial and ARINC input channels in addition to multiple internal gyros and accelerometers. Having such a comprehensive suite of input options allows customers to use the same acquisition unit in their entire fleet, saving substantial money on maintaining and supporting different part number inventory.

Quick Access Recorder

With a constant focus on customer-based needs, NORTH FDS developed a Quick Access Recorder which allows customers to easily access their data on convenient 16 GB SD cards. The company stays focused on creating and delivering cost-effective solutions that can integrate into all areas of a customer’s operation.

“We also have the fortunate position of teaming with industry powerhouses like PHI Air Medical and Metro Aviation,” says CEO Jeffery Warner. “Those affiliations alone speak volumes about the strength of our product line and the services we provide.”

With the hardware already STC’d and PMA’d on the Eurocopter EC135 and operational on EC145s and AS350s, and soon to embark on an STC for the Bell 407 in partnership with PHI, the company has committed to offering a full range of flight services so that customers can realize the benefit of the data they are collecting.

This full compliment of hardware and personalized services can enable customers to achieve the true changes and safety improvements they desire. Using the years of operational experience and guided by examples of success such as the PHI Light Aircraft Monitoring Program (LAMP), NORTH FDS will deliver a program that is geared on making their pilots and operations champions of industry.

It is only through a complete and comprehensive suite of products and services that the shared goal of NORTH Flight Data Systems, which is to improve safety, reduce costs, and prevent the accidents in the first place, can be attained. â– 

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