Helicopter IWG Issues Simulator Guidelines

By Staff Writer | February 1, 2011
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An international working group (IWG) under the UK’s Royal Aeronautical Society has developed new guidelines for the classification of civil helicopter flight simulation training devices (FSTDs). The four-year endeavor seeks to assist International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) efforts to publish Document 9625, a new Manual of Criteria for the Qualification of FSTDs.

The helicopter IWG built on a similar process undertaken for fixed-wing aircraft. The group plans to submit a draft of the document to ICAO in early 2011. Among the most salient points the group is stressing include that:

• This is the first time that ICAO has considered helicopter simulation as a separate subject.


• An analysis of pilot training tasks and licenses forms the basis of the new device definitions, representing a significant change in approach to existing processes.

• One of the key aims of the effort is to improve access to simulation across the helicopter industry, and therefore improve safety.

According to the helicopter IWG, benefits of the “harmonization effort” will include reducing and simplifying administrative burdens, providing a more consistent approach for simulator manufacturers, expressing the suitability of specific FSTDs for various training tasks, and improving the quality of training while reducing costs.

For more information about the proposed standards, contact Matt Jennings (training sub-group),, Stephane Clement (technical sub-group), or Rene Tassan,

A copy of the helicopter IWG document can be found at:

(From February 2011 Rotorcraft Report)

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