Hot Products February 2011

By Staff Writer | February 1, 2011
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Heliport Lights from FEC Heliports

FEC Heliports designs and manufactures high quality heliport lighting that is manufactured to meet heliport guideline recommendations worldwide. With the finest quality, fully warranted and best-priced options on the market, contact FEC at sales@heliportsequipment.com for a free, no obligation quote for your heliport lighting system. www.heliportsequipment.com also offers a full range of products, including snow melting systems, fuel/water separators, fire suppression equipment, landing dollies, portable helipads, helicopter power units, glide slope indicators, heliport rescue equipment and offshore helideck lighting. Contact FEC Heliports Worldwide Ltd., phone +44 1494 775226 or visit www.heliportsequipment.com

CPI with Automatic FDR & CVR Data Capture


The Techtest Series 503 deployable Crash Position Indicator (CPI) provides a proven emergency alerting and locating capability and is now the CPI installation of choice for AgustaWestland, Eurocopter and Sikorsky. In the company’s continuing quest for product improvements, Techtest has now introduced an optional CPI memory module, which stores data from the aircraft’s flight data and cockpit voice recorders. Recovery of the CPI beacon therefore provides immediate access to essential safety data that could otherwise be extremely difficult to retrieve, especially after a sea ditching. To aid its physical recovery, the CPI beacon includes integral GPS, enabling it to continuously update the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite tracking system with its post-deployment position. Once retrieved, beacon’s stored flight and voice data can be read directly onto a hand-held download device for subsequent analysis. These latest enhancements to the Series 503 CPI offer important safety improvements, which dramatically improve the prospect of rapid post-accident recovery and analysis. Visit us at Booth 509 at HAI Heli-Expo. Contact HR Smith/Techtest, +44 1568 708744 or visit www.hr-smith.com

Erickson Selects Archangel AHR150A

Erickson Air-Crane has chosen Archangel Systems’ AHR150A air data attitude heading reference system (ADAHRS) and AFC001 automatic flight control for its S-64 fleet. Archangel supplies Erickson shipsets, consisting of two ADAHRS and two AFCs per S-64. Archangel has worked closely with Erickson during their TC approval process, culminating in the initial S-64 retrofit delivery to San Diego Gas and Electric in December 2010. The AHR150A is a cost-effective ADAHRS at low size, weight and power budgets with FAA TSO C4c, C5e, C6d, C88a and C106 approvals. All software is DO178B Level A running on redundant and dissimilar processors. Developed for compatibility with fly-by-wire systems, data latencies are low. Air data is RVSM-compliant. The AFC001 has FAA TSO C9c approval with DO178B Level B software. Product details are available at www.archangel.com/products. Archangel Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility. Contact Archangel Systems, phone 1-334-826-8008, ext. 14 or visit www.archangel.com/about/contact-form

Multi-Function Data Acquisition Unit

The NORTH Flight Data Systems Multi-Function Data Acquisition Unit (MFDAU) is a self-contained unit that uses internal gyros and accelerometers to track three-dimensional movement, G forces and external systems data, including current ARINC 429 and 717 data streams, as well as multiple analog inputs from legacy helicopters and airplanes. The internal magnetometer and pitot static sensors provide accurate heading, speed and altitude information. Operating in direct alliance with the NORTH FDS Quick Access Recorder (QAR), the MFDAU is the primary component of the most comprehensive aviation safety equipment in the market, enabling customers to best manage, train, and improve the safety and performance of their operations. All NORTH FDS products have been tested to the most recent FAA DO-160F high vibration rotorcraft standards and are FAA STC’d. The product line will be displayed at HeliExpo 2011, Booth 4437. Contact NORTH Flight Data Systems, phone 1-817-561-9500 or visit www.northfds.com/products.html

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