Hot Products July 2011

By Staff Writer | July 1, 2011
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Garmin G500H Modifications from Aero Dynamix

Aero Dynamix, Inc. (ADI) is an industry leader in providing night vision goggle compatible lighting solutions to the aviation industry, and a full line distributor and the Garmin-approved NVG Modification Center for all of Garmin’s new and legacy products. ADI offers its customers around the world the ease of having their instruments modified internally without having the OEM warranty voided. Engineered for safety and reliability in today’s helicopter environment, Garmin’s G500H dual-screen electronic flight display provides an affordable flight solution that meets the needs of the most demanding helicopter missions. Take your G500H one step further and have it modified by the NVG experts at ADI. Contact ADI for sales and modifications at 1-817-571-0729, e-mail sales@aerodynamix.com or visit www.aerodynamix.com

Heliport Lighting Equipment


FEC Heliports designs and manufactures high quality heliport lighting that is manufactured to meet heliport guideline recommendations worldwide. With the very finest quality, fully warranted and best priced options on the market, contact FEC Heliports today at sales@heliportsequipment.com to receive a free, no-obligation quote for your heliport lighting system. Heliportsequipment.com also offers a full range of products including heliport fire-fighting equipment, landing dollies, portable helipads, helicopter power units, glide slope indicators, helideck crash/rescue equipment lockers and offshore helideck lighting. FEC Heliports, +44 (0) 1494 775226 or visit www.heliportsequipment.com

AERO Specialties Offers JetGlo 550Mti

AERO Specialties JetGo 550Mti 28.5V DC diesel-electric hybrid aircraft ground power unit (GPU) provides impressive continuous and peak power at 550 amps and 2,300 amps, respectively, while offering advanced aircraft protection systems. The 550Mti’s light weight and compact size allow it to be moved by hand or towed. This GPU provides a sophisticated ground power solution for aircraft avionics and maintenance support, electrical, air and environmental systems in the hanger as well as aircraft engine starting needs. The JetGo 550Mti has been specifically designed to meet the increasing demand in the aviation industry for a quieter yet powerful “green” ground power unit. Its brilliant design, from both a functional and aesthetic standpoint, promises to set a new standard for 28V DC GPUs. The 550Mti’s compact size, peak power, aircraft protection features and ease of use have made this a one-of-a-kind unit. Already a popular unit with military installations, FBOs, MROs and regional airlines, these ground power units have also become a hit with corporate aircraft operators and flight departments who appreciate the ability of becoming self-sufficient in external aircraft ground power and service—all without breaking the bank! AERO Specialties, 1-208-378-9888 or visit www.aerospecialties.com

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