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By Staff Writer | September 27, 2011
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Law Enforcement Gains a Foothold with LEO-III-HD

The LEO-III-HD introduces a step-change in airborne law enforcement and homeland security observation capability. The LEO-III-HD can simultaneously be equipped with a range of high performance sensors, which exclusively feature Zeiss optics. The LEO-III-HD builds on the solid reputation of the trusted LEO-II range, which remains in use with law enforcement and other agencies around the world. Applications include Airborne Law Enforcement; Homeland Security; Search and Rescue; Border/Maritime Patrol; Public Safety; and Disaster Response. Visit Carl Zeiss Optronics at Helitech Stand 712, contact by phone at +27 12 674 0215 or visit

Specialist Aviation Renews Kuwait Police Contract


Gloucestershire, England-based Specialist Aviation Services has extended its contract with the Kuwait police to service four of the air wing’s helicopters. This follows Specialist Aviation’s signing with Luxembourg Air Rescue to provide maintenance for six MD902 Explorers. The company has also placed three Explorers into service for Essex Air Ambulance, Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance and Trinity House, a general lighthouse authority (GLA) for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar. Specialist Aviation Services will be showcasing the Trinity House offshore utility MD902 at Stand 2201 during Helitech 2011. Contact Specialist Aviation Services at +44 (0)1452 857 900 or visit

Stay Connected When it Matters Most!

Becker Avionics now offers the Polycon wireless solutions for SAR, EMS, law enforcement and special mission operations. The Polycon wireless intercom extension system provides the capability for rotary and fixed-wing operators to have audio communications between crewmembers in and away from the aircraft. The Polycon system eliminates communication restrictions by providing seamless hands-free, wireless communications to all crewmembers to effectively perform their mission. Pilots and off-aircraft flight paramedics preparing a patient for transport and evacuation can remain in constant communication while on the ground or in flight during a hoist rescue mission (up to 15 nautical miles). The Polycon system has been developed for the rigorous demands of SAR teams, operating in extreme conditions. Its rugged construction with long-range capability and semi duplex communication integrates the external operating crew as a component of the aircraft intercom system and provides increased situational awareness and safety. Becker, phone 1-954-450-3137, toll free 1-877-56-BECKER or visit

AERO Specialties Offers JetGo

AERO Specialties’ JetGo line of 28.5V DC diesel-electric hybrid aircraft ground power units (GPU) provide impressive continuous and peak power in addition to offering advanced aircraft protection systems. The JetGo ground power unit’s light weight and compact size leads to easy portability, whether it’s across the ramp or around the world. These GPUs provide a sophisticated ground power solution for aircraft avionics and maintenance support, electrical, air and environmental systems in the hangar as well as aircraft engine starting needs. The JetGo GPUs have been specifically designed to meet the increasing demand in the aviation industry for a quieter yet powerful “green” ground power unit. Its brilliant design, from both a functional and aesthetic standpoint, promises to set a new standard for 28V DC ground power units. Its amazingly compact size, peak power, aircraft protection features, operator safety and ease of use have made this truly a one-of-a-kind unit. Already a popular unit with military installations, FBOs, MROs and regional airlines, these ground power units have also become a hit with corporate aircraft operators and flight departments who appreciate the ability of becoming self-sufficient in external aircraft ground power and service—all without breaking the bank! AERO Specialties, 1-208-378-9888 or visit

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