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Straight from the Show Floor: Exhibitor Round-Up

By Staff Writer | September 27, 2011
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Aerospace Optics (Stand 1709)

Fort Worth, Texas-based Aerospace Optics is showcasing its VIVISUN Electronic Latch, which performs in a similar fashion to traditional magnetic holding or solenoid latching switches but in a much smaller mechanical package and with 500,000-cycle reliability. It integrates an electronic latch circuit that accepts discrete inputs and responds with conditioned outputs. The inputs include Set, Reset and Toggle, which may be controlled locally or via remote input. The VIVISUN Electronic Latch also has an internal blink feature and allows a single switch to function mechanically as an alternate or momentary action.

Aerospace Optics, which has a UK branch at Select Aerospace Technologies, is also bringing its Pulse/Timer to Helitech. Just as with the Electronic Latch, the Pulse/Timer brings additional electrical function internal to the traditional VIVISUN illuminated push button switch. The Pulse/Timer is designed to detect an electrical edge and produce a timed pulse output or delay. It has dual independent channels supporting positive or negative signals or reciprocal transitions such as weight on/off or wheels raise/lower. The Pulse/Timer also utilizes the VIVISUN MFB body and can be combined with two traditional 7.5-amp switch poles. With these functions internal to the standard VIVISUN MFB body, the design engineer has additional flexibility to simplify packaging and circuit complexity. For application examples and more information visit


Air Covers Ltd (Stand 1610)

Shropshire-based Air Covers is a specialist textile engineering company with a background in aerospace projects. The company has military and civil experience in the tropics, the arctic, deserts and offshore. Its fitted environmental protective covers for helicopters are a result of hundreds of hours of design, laser modeling, testing and material research. The covers control climatic impacts and provide protection from icing, extreme heat, brownouts, offshore salt spray, sandstorms and monsoons.

Operators want covers that ensure aircraft availability, take very little time to fit, will maintain their performance for years of hard use and will not damage the aircraft, according to Air Covers. Some of the performance characteristics—notably heat mitigation—are designed to be uniquely special, the company says, adding that extensive research is carried out for each new design, working with each operator to describe the operational characteristics that might affect design. Factors taken into account include climate and environmental conditions such as blown sand; salt and ice; airframe construction; whether ground support or the pilot is responsible for fitting covers; if the covers are to be stowed in the aircraft; and the configuration of aerials, defensive aids, wirestrikes and lifting gear.

Air Covers is planning a demonstration with an AgustaWestland or Eurocopter variant during Helitech. Stop by stand 1610 to find out more, and more details can be found at

Airclaims (Stand 1808)

Airclaims is promoting its asset management services during Helitech. The company is currently working to gain EASA approvals for aircraft health monitoring (asset assurance) for various helicopter classes. Airclaims provides comprehensive independent asset management capabilities for the aviation industry, with assistance available for aircraft ownership, maintenance, and/or management. A first-time exhibitor to Helitech, the company is seeking to increase the exposure of its Asset Management division by attending fixed-wing events, and “wanted to complete the circle with the rotary wing sector.” Services include strategy planning and risk management; aircraft selection and valuation; acquisitions, transitions and disposals; asset assurance; CAMO; maintenance and modification; powerplant management; aircraft recovery and repossession; aircraft remarketing; and legal/contract matters. More is available at

Avinet & SMS Aero (Stand 1406)

Australian software developer, Avinet, returns to Helitech Duxford to showcase its cloud application known as Air Maestro. Avinet is sharing its stand with SMS Aero, UK specialists in aviation consultancy and safety management training, in a collaboration between industry partners. SMS Aero has built a system of safety management geared to the real world.

Avinet’s cloud application, Air Maestro, is expected to attract keen interest at this year’s show, the company notes, as increasing industry regulation means more operators are looking for help in managing safety and compliance. Air Maestro offers an innovative means to run an SMS program designed around CAA and ICAO requirements. The application also offers components of a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS), including the FAID algorithm (under licence), the Prior Sleep Wake Model (PSWM) and Work Practice Controls. Operators currently using Air Maestro include Royal Flying Doctor Service, Australian Helicopters, Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service and Brindabella Airlines.To experience Air Maestro or speak to a consultant about how safety and compliance is managed within your business, find Avinet and SMSAero at Stand 1406 or visit

Bayards Aluminium Constructies (Stand 1806)

Netherlands-based Bayards Aluminium Constructies B.V. is a leading aluminum construction company with 50 years of experience in complex structures and close to 30 years in manufacturing and supplying aluminum helipads for the onshore and offshore industries.Bayards offers in-house design, engineering and fabrication of aluminum helipads, which are the ideal solution for both offshore and onshore applications due to lightweight construction.

Bayards supplies both turn-key helipads and pre-fabricated assembly kits that can be installed on almost all existing and newly built buildings and/or offshore constructions. The helipad assembly kits are completely bolted, therefore no on-site drilling, welding or cutting is required, or any special tools or heavy cranes. Bayards equips its helipads with various outfitting systems for sectors include firefighting (including DIFFS), lighting, heat tracing, refueling, etc. Find out more at

Blue Sky Network (Stand 1710)

Blue Sky Network has introduced new developments in products and technologies, including the HawkEye 5 series—the link is to the dual mode solution, which tracks using both GSM and Iridium satellites. It will save money and improve tracking among a number of features. The HawkEye PT is a personal tracker in use with a handful of helicopter pilots right now. It’s a handheld, portable satellite tracking and messaging device. Blue Sky Network’s newest technology is a “fully revamped” tracking portal, SkyRouter 2, which contains multiple maps, geo-fencing capabilities, and improved map rendering, management and reporting tools. Also on display at Stand 1710 will be the ACH1000, D1000, and other samples, as well as SkyRouter 2. More details can be found at

Bristow Academy (Stand 1410) and Bristow Helicopters (Chalet 9)

Bristow Academy will present a wide variety of brochures detailing its services at Helitech, including a single-pilot multi-engine instrument rating course, conversion training and the Eurocopter AS355 type rating available through campus in Gloucestershire in Cheltenham. Other courses available include twin type rating training; instrument rating instructor training; synthetic IR instructor and military pilot specialist IR conversion training. Find out more about Bristow Academy at and Bristow Group at

Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training (Stand 2012)

Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training is highlighting two helicopter pilot training courses during Helitech. The first course deals with pilot ground studies and the second focuses on pilot books. The company’s helicopter-specific pilot training courses have been available for around four years. More information is available at and

Concorde Battery Corp. (Stand 507)

West Covina, Calif.-based Concorde Battery Corp. has released a new Parasitic Load Tester Adaptor (PLTA) to measure the parasitic load/drain on aircraft batteries when the master switch is off and the helicopter is inactive. The adaptor is designed for use with a MS3509 style quick disconnect receptacle. Concorde engineered the PLTA in response to concerns in the aviation community about the effect of parasitic loads/drains on battery capacity, state of charge, airworthiness and battery life. Measuring parasitic load is done through connecting the PLTA between the battery receptacle and the aircraft mating plug. The PLTA features a molded polypropylene body with separate test leads for connection to a digital multimeter (DMM). Concorde PLTA, part number 4102, is rated for loads up to 10 amps and is equipped with a 10-amp fuse. Instructions on how to measure parasitic load and calculate time to battery depletion are provided in Instruction Manual, Aircraft Battery Parasitic Load Test Adapter, Document No. 5-0409. The manual and the PLTA are both available online at 

Cotswold Helicopter Centre (Stand 905)

Cotswold Helicopter Centre is exhibiting at Helitech this year and launching its new helicopter called the Guimbal Cabri G2. Bruno Guimbal, formerly the engineering director at Eurocopter, designed the Guimbal Cabri G2. He will be present at Helitech at the company’s stand to answer questions and show people around the helicopter.

Cabri has appointed Cotswold Helicopter Centre as exclusive agents to sell this helicopter for the UK market.

The Helitech exhibition will mark the first time in Great Britain that the Cabri helicopter is on display for the potential operators to “see it in the flesh.” For further information visit the manufacturer’s website at

Express Hi-fold Doors (Stand OS1)

For more than 14 years, Express Hi-fold Doors has manufactured the hi-fold door, which is used where a large door is required in the agricultural, industrial or commercial industries. The company says that by far, the biggest sector is the aviation industry, where its doors are used on hangars. Hi-swing doors are a new product developed over the last few years that have the same benefits as a hi-fold but the door opens in one piece using hydraulics.

This gives a bigger canopy when open, can take a heavier weight in cladding and will withstand higher wind speeds. To fulfill requests for an extremely large door, Express now offers a multi-leaf, powered, sliding door up to 300 x 28 m. A first time exhibitor at Helitech, Express Hi-fold Doors will have a Hi-swing demo unit available at Stand OS1. Find out more at

Frasers Aerospace (Stand 600)

Frasers Aerospace will be displaying a number of new products and services during Helitech. A first-time exhibitor who was “impressed” with Helitech after visiting a previous year, Frasers will also highlight its Nuvite polishing products, critical surface cleaning cloths, wipers, hot bonders, borescopes, sanding materials and more at Stand 600. For more information visit

Guardian Mobility (Stand 308)

The Guardian Mobility G7-FDMTM, on display at Helitech, brings a new level of safety, automation, reliability and affordability to flight data monitoring and SMS. The G7-FDM provides continuous monitoring and recording of up to 175 flight and engine parameters for complete systems coverage; in-flight data analysis to detect parameter exceedances and out-of-limit operations for Flight and Maintenance Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA/MOQA); post-flight data analysis to spot trends in support of a pro-active SMS; and more.

Clovis, Calif.-based The Trend Group has inked an agreement with Guardian Mobility for gas turbine engine trend monitoring (ETM). Operators use ETM to maintain engine performance and to prepare for overhauls. The partnership will allow Guardian to add ETM to its flight data monitoring and communication services. Guardian Mobility also recently acquired Alakai Technologies, expanding the company’s safety management system (SMS) offering with flight data and engine trend monitoring, while supporting flight and maintenance operations quality assurance. Additional details can be found at

HR Smith/Techtest (Stand 716)

Techtest is one of the HR Smith group of companies that will be exhibiting at Helitech Duxford. New products include Deployable Crash Position Indicator CPI with integral FDR memory module and GPS; CPI with integrated deployment unit and water switch; high-resolution direction finding equipment; and new lightweight 406 MHz personal locator beacon (Series 500-32) with integral GPS. HR Smith will also display its full range of airborne emergency locator transmitters, including survival ELTs and airborne communications and navigation antenna equipment. For more visit

Red Box International

Hampshire-based Red Box International is offering its Model RB60A and Model RB85A 28V handheld air portable power unit for aircraft and combat vehicles during Helitech. The units are weather-protected, maintenance free, compact and rugged, leak-proof and lightweight. For more information visit

Revue Thommen (Stand 602)

Waldenburg, Switzerland-based Revue Thommen has introduced a smaller and lighter HSL-800 helicopter searchlight for weight and power-restricted operations such as single-engine aircraft in the U.S. law enforcement segment. The HSL-800 is in the development stage with anticipated availability in the first quarter of 2012.

Revue Thommen is also in the final stages of production of its HSL-1600 helicopter searchlight, with first production deliveries scheduled for third quarter 2011. According to Walter Fischbach of Thommen, the searchlight has “undergone extensive testing and practical flight trials under the scrutiny of major European helicopter OEMs and several large fleet operators in the law enforcement discipline.” Revue Thommen has also chosen Instrument Tech of Addison, Texas to be an authorized service center in North America for the HSL series of Thommen helicopter searchlights.

See the Thommen HSL-1600 at Helitech Stand 602. E-mail Fischbach at for more corporate and technical information or visit

RH Bodyworks (Stand 1715)

RH Bodyworks is new to the helicopter industry but established in the commercial vehicle paint sector. The company’s facilities are among the best in the industry and ideal for helicopters, having already painted an AgustaWestland AW139 for Bond. RH Bodyworks is officially launching into the rotorcraft market during Helitech 2011. Find out more at

Rhotheta Elektronik GmbH (Stand 1921)

Rhotheta Elektronik builds direction finding systems for aerospace and maritime applications. The company’s RT-1000 bearing systems for aerospace applications are installed worldwide, particularly at small and medium-sized airports. The RT-600 is a modern precision direction finder developed mainly for professional search and rescue (SAR) and law enforcement. The RT-600 is available in two versions—standard and LE. It also supports the complete COSPAS-SARSAT frequency range (including the future frequencies). A quick “scan – mode” enables the recording of any COSPAS-SARSAT frequency within a single transmitted pulse (<400 ms). Read more at

Swesystem (Stand 706)

Sweden’s Swesystem is showcasing the 300 Triple, which combines the benefits of three unique sensors into one small triple-camera platform including IR, UV and TV. A good choice for powerline inspection, fire mapping, oil spill detection and pipeline inspection. For more details and technical specifications and more details, visit

Sikorsky (Stand 817)

The S-76 series from Sikorsky Aircraft, long the aircraft of choice for offshore oil support operations, was initially certified in 1978. Sikorsky has brought an S-76C++ to display at its Helitech booth. Since its inception in 1979, the S-76 program has introduced six variations including the S-76C++; models that featured improvements over that span included more powerful engines and an inlet barrier filter for improved engine protection and smoother airflow.

The S-76D will perform an array of civil missions including executive transport, offshore, EMS and multi-mission roles. With a 30-year legacy from the S-76 series, the S-76D is the next generation and continues to progress toward first customer deliveries in 2012. Among the S-76D’s features are all-composite, flaw-tolerant main rotor blades; Thales integrated avionics system and autopilot; optimized rotor system for quiet operation; active vibration control; Pratt & Whitney Canada PW210S engines; and an optional rotor ice protection system (RIPS) for all-weather capability. Certification of the S-76D is expected before the end of 2011. For more stop by Stand 817 and visit

Spectrolab (Stand 1213)

Spectrolab of Sylmar, Calif. is bringing its new SpectroLink system to Helitech Duxford. SpectroLink will upgrade all SX-16 Nightsun, SX-16 Nightsun IFCO, and SX-5 Starburst searchlights through an integrated linking system to the searchlight, thermal imager, or video camera. Linking capabilities among the components are integrated by a closed loop motor control.

SpectroLink uses digital encoders for precise positioning of the searchlight to camera. This eliminates any “factory install” of components and does not depend on analog signals that can drift with time and temperature. Installation of the SpectroLink system will not void the standard two-year warranty from Spectrolab.

For more details including system characteristics and mechanical specifications, stop by the Spectrolab at Stand 1213 and visit

Telvent (Stand 1205)

Telvent designs and manufactures a complete suite of IT solutions for helicopter weather systems and services. At Helitech, Telvent will showcase its newly expanded helicopter weather support system, MxVision AviationSentry, which provides real-time weather, weather forecast and decision support information in a single platform. Also available from Telvent is a white paper, “MxVision AviationSentry Online: Comparison to Online Weather Information Sources” at Stand 1205. Also visit

Trakka Corp. (Stand 402)

Australia-based Trakka Corp. offers advanced searchlights for airborne and marine applications. Trakkabeam searchlights are multi-mission capable, compact and cost-effective. Trakkabeam’s optical design utilizes a Xenon lamp half the size of traditional searchlights to deliver a more intense and consistent beam on the target. The searchlight also includes an internal filter wheel. The Trakkabeam A800 is intended for the law enforcement, military and security industries. It is certified to DO-160E standards at internationally recognized laboratories in the United States and Australia. A800 searchlights are produced in Trakkacorp’s ISO9001/AS9001 certified manufacturing facilities. More details, including specifications, can be found at

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