In an effort to provide a snapshot of the hundreds of stories in the helicopter industry that we cover each year, Rotor & Wing has assembled a list of more than 300 items published from January to November 2011. These news stories, features and product announcements ran in the pages of the print magazine—this doesn’t include our daily Top Stories at, web-only features, e-letters such as the weekly Collective [sign up at] or monthly Military Insider, or special publications like Heli-Expo Show Day. The list does not cover the entire spectrum of Rotor & Wing’s various offerings—it is just a sampling of our coverage, as there are many additional stories available online and through our other distribution channels. One reason we wanted to undertake this exercise is to gather feedback about what readers want and open the door of communication with those companies that might warrant additional coverage. We’re constantly trying to find ways to improve. What would you like to see in the pages of Rotor & Wing? What areas should we focus on during 2012? Which topics, events, markets and companies do we need to cover more? Please e-mail your suggestions to:

Company/Organization Topic/Headline Page Number
NTSB NTSB: Weight Miscalculations, Improper Oversight Led to Crash 10
NTSB Hersman: Public Use Aviation’s Orphan 10
NTSB Co-Pilot Disputes Report 11
HAI, IHST Increasing Helicopter Safety: One for All, All for One 12
Thales Thales Studies 3D Sound 12
ITT Corp., Sikorsky ITT Delivers First CH-53K Sponson 13
European Forces European Personnel Recovery Training 13
EADS EADS Readies AAS-72X for Competition 15
U.S. Army ANA Medics Receive Medical Training 15
Eurocopter, Guimbal A First Look at the All-new Cabri G2 16
Annual Reports & Executive Outlook 2011 See Rotor & Wing’s January 2011 issue for company profiles 24
Company/Organization Headline Page Number
U.S. Air Force Disputes Arise from Afghanistan CV-22 Crash Probe 12
Bell Helicopter Come Together: Bell Integrates Six Subs 13
Carson Helicopters, NTSB, Sikorsky Carson Helicopters ‘Scapegoat’ in NTSB Crash Probe 14
AgustaWestland AW Bolsters Bulgarian Border Police 15
Russian Helicopters All Together Now: Russian Helicopters Consolidation Finalized 15
Kaman Aerospace Kaman Aerostructures Opens Mexico Site 15
Eurocopter Four Eurocopter Types Go Airborne 16
Precision Aviation Group PAG Purchases Avcenter 16
Becker Avionics FAA Grants Becker DVCS6100 Certs 16
Lockheed Martin, U.S. Army U.S. Army Orders Arrowhead Sensors 16
LaBarge, Sikorsky LaBarge to Supply MH-60S Wiring 16
MD Helicopters Tilton Given Living Legends Award 17
Cobham, Korea Aerospace Industries KUH to Feature Cobham Antennas 17
DART Helicopter Services, Heli-Enterprise DART Teams with Heli-Enterprise 17
Columbia Helicopters Columbia Registered to EN/AS9100 17
Russian Helicopters Mi-38 Performs Initial Long-Haul 18
Bell, Northrop Grumman Unmanned Fire-X Takes Off 18
AAR Corp. AAR Receives Logistics Award 18
FAA Maryland Files Suit Over Helo Crash 18
Eurocopter EC135/145 WAAS Certs Approved 18
International Civil Aviation Organization Helicopter IWG Issues Simulator Guidelines 19
Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, U.S. Army Longbow Delivers 400th FCR 21
AgustaWestland Italian Guard Receives AW139 21
Eurocopter, Helibras Helibras to Modify Brazilian AS350s 22
Kaman, Lockheed Martin, U.S. Navy Navy Evaluates K-MAX UAS 22
AgustaWestland, PZL-Swidnik PZL Hook Certified 22
ITT Corp. ITT Splits 3 Ways 22
FEC Heliports Heliport Lights from FEC Heliports 23
Techtest CPI with Automatic FDR & CVR Data Capture 23
Archangel Systems Erickson Selects Archangel AHR150A 23
NORTH Flight Data Systems Multi-Function Data Acquisition Unit 23
Robinson The Robinson R66: Turbine Time for the Masses 24
Various Helicopter Vendors Heli-Expo Expectations 30
Aircraft Technical Publishers, Avantext, Avtrak, SkyBOOKS Electronic Maintenance Tracking 34
Personnel Feature Hiring Best Practices for Helicopter Operators 38
Sikorsky, U.S. Marine Corps Sikorsky Uncovers CH-53K Virtual Reality Center 42
CAE, CHC Helicopter CAE to Take Over CHC Training 42
BWB, CAE Barco Sims to Train Germans 42
Leading Edge Aviation FAA Pilots Train on Leading Edge 43
Air Methods Air Methods Gains SMS Level 2 43
Enflite Enflite AS9100B Certified 43
Eurocopter Utah Police First AS350 Sim Trainees 44
Bell Helicopter Bell T-407 Trainers Arrive in Iraq 44
Company/Organization Headline Page Number
FAA, HAI, NTSB FAA to Clear Up ‘Vague’ Public Aircraft Regulations 12
Kaman Corp. Kaman Founder Passes Away 13
AgustaWestland, Rega Rega Purchases GrandNew Sim 13
AAR Corp., Sikorsky AAR-Operated S-92s Head to Afghanistan 13
Robinson Helicopter Robinson Sees Uptick in Sales 13
Cobham Los Angeles PD Picks Cobham EFIS 14
Erickson Air-Crane Taicang Signs for Five Erickson S-64Fs 14
Bell Helicopter Brazil’s ANAC Approves Bell 429 14
Boeing, U.S. Army Chinooks Return from Afghanistan 16
Eurocopter Multirole AS350B3s Join Texas DPS Fleet 16
Donaldson Aerospace & Defense, Sikorsky Donaldson EAPPS Supports CH-53K 16
Bell Helicopter Service Fusion: Bell Consolidates Support Network 18
Sikorsky Another Modified UH-60 Joins CBP 20
AgustaWestland, International Forces AgustaWestland Renews IMOS Deal 20
Bell, Rogerson Kratos Rogerson Kratos Upgrades 412EP 20
Eurocopter Eurocopter Touts Data Monitoring Benefits for Light Helos 22
BHA, EBAA International Operations Standards to be Released Mid-Year 23
Eurocopter Eurocopter Aberdeen Training Facility Comes Online 24
Boeing, International Forces Boeing Begins Chinook Mk4 Flight Tests 25
CAE, Sikorsky, U.S. Navy CAE to Supply MH-60R Trainers 27
Lockheed Martin, U.S. Army 1,000th M-TADS/PNVS Delivered 27
Mauna Loa Helicopters Hawaiian Flight School Gains F-1 Visa Approval 27
AgustaWestland AW109 Power Goes to Kocoglu Aviation 27
Sikorsky Mexico Federal Police Incorporate Sikorsky UH-60Ms 28
Becker Avionics, DRF Luftrettung Becker Audio Chosen for German Rescue 28
Alakai Technologies, Eurocopter Alakai Obtains STC 28
Heliworks Heliworks Uses Quantum Control ERP Software 30
FEC Heliports Heliport Crash and Rescue Equipment Lockers 30
Mid-Continent Instruments True Blue Power Lithium Emergency Power 30
CORRIDOR CORRIDOR Aviation Maintenance Software 30
Bell Helicopter, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army Battling Back: Future of Bell 32
Eurocopter American Eurocopter’s Marc Paganini 40
Bell, Eurocopter, Wasatch Powderbird Guides Heliskiing in the Wasatch 44
AMST, Avior, U.S. Army The Dangers of Spatial Disorientation 54
Company/Organization Headline Page Number
Marenco Swisshelicopter SKYe SH09: ‘Not a Facelift Aircraft’ 12
Bell Helicopter Bell Unveils Two 407 Variants 13
Sikorsky X2 Adds Collier to List of Awards 13
Eurocopter Eurocopter Adds T2 to EC145 Line 13
AgustaWestland AgustaWestland Shows AW169 Whole Fixing Vision on Tiltrotor 14
AgustaWestland Commentary: Very Different Tones 14
Russian Helicopters Russians Search for the Right Direction 15
Various Operators and OEMs Heli-Expo Roundup: What Did We Miss? 16
China World Helicopter Association China WHA to Host World Conference 18
Turbomeca Turbomeca, Coast Guard Renew Support-By-the-Hour Agreement 18
Milestone Aviation Group Milestone Inks Five S-76++ Deal 18
Sandel Avionics Sandel Adds WireWatch 18
Erickson Air-Crane Erickson Signs MOU with Chinese Consortium 20
Honeywell Aerospace Honeywell Introduces Zing Test Elite 20
AgustaWestland, Goodrich Queensland Rescue Gets Goodrich Award 20
Bell, MD Helicopters, Van Horn Aviation Van Horn Teams with Bell, MD 21
Revue Thommen Revue Thommen Searchlight Nears Service Entry 21
MD Helicopters, U.S. Army MD Secures Army Training Contract 23
Robinson Helicopters Robinson: Sales Picking Up 23
Eurocopter, UTair UTair Inks Contract for 15 Eurocopter EC175s 24
Sandel Avionics Sandel Adds WireWatch to HeliTAWS 25
Bell, Rolls-Royce, Uniflight Uniflight Unveils Bell 407 Rolls-Royce Engine STC 25
Bell,Garmin Flying the G500H 26
U.S. Army Training to Fight: Thinking Ahead 30
Eurocopter, FAA, Sikorsky Quiet Down Up There! 34
CAE, Sikorsky CAE to Provide S-76 Sim Training 38
AgustaWestland, Era Flight Training Center Era to Base AW139 Sims in Gulf 38
CAE, CHC Helicopter CHC, CAE Finalize Training Agreement 38
Eurocopter AS350 Sim Achieves NVG Certification 38
Colorado Heli-Ops, FAA Man on a Mission: Mentoring Safer Pilots 39
Colorado Heli-Ops, FAA Shifting the Training Culture with FITS 43

Company/ Organization Headline Page Numbers
U.S. Army Aviation Commander Crutchfield Sets JMR Objective at 2030 12
EADS North America, Lockheed Martin EADS Shows AAS-72X Technical Demo Aircraft at Quad-A 12
Canadian Helicopters, Helicopters New Zealand CHL Buys Assets of Helicopters NZ 13
Boeing, U.S. Army First Block III Apache Off the Lines in October; End of Apache As in Sight 13
MD Helicopters, Van Horn Aviation MD, Van Horn Test Fly MD 500 Blades 14
Eurocopter, Vector Aerospace Eurocopter Acquires Vector Aerospace 14
Curtiss-Wright Controls, Sikorsky Curtiss-Wright Wins CH-53K Contract 14
L-3 Electrodynamics L-3 SRVIVR Gains TSO Approval 14
AgustaWestland AW Grand Goes to Liza Transport 14
Bell Helicopter, Yosemite Helitack Yosemite Helitack Patrols National Park on Unique Missions 16
Eurocopter 1,000th Dauphin Goes to Pawan Hans 16
PZL Mielec, Sikorsky S-70i Flight Test Up and Running 18
Russian Helicopters Russian Helos Active in Brazil 18
Air Methods, Becker Avionics Medical Provider Chooses Becker Audio System 18
Bell/Boeing, Robertson V-22 Fuel Tank Contract Extended 18
Los Angeles Helicopters, Rolls-Royce LAH Certified RR3300 Repairs 19
Boeing, Pall Corp., U.S. Army Pall Wins Army CH-47 Contract 19
Aerolite, Bell Helicopter Aerolite Bell 429 STC Issued 19
Aviation Specialties Unlimited FAA Renews ASU Training Deal 21
AgustaWestland, Donaldson Aerospace & Defense Donaldson Filters LAFD AW139s 21
Columbia Helicopters Columbia Constructing T55 Test Cell 21
Bell Helicopter Bell Helicopter Progressing in OH-58F Programs 22
Native Air, Omniflight Helicopters Native Air to Serve Med Center 23
Eurocopter Slave Lake Buys AW350B3e 23
AgustaWestland, CAE, Rotorsim Rotorsim to Add AW139 FFS 23
Boeing, Thales Thales, Boeing Sign Training Pact 23
Axnes Aviation, Becker Avionics Polycon to Serve Norwegian EMS 23
Appaero Systems ALERTS Delivers Big Safety in a Small Package 24
CORRIDOR CORRIDOR Aviation Maintenance Software 24
FEC Heliports Offshore Helideck Lighting from FEC Heliports 24
Archangel Systems Archangel Systems AHR150A CAAS Compliant ADAHRS 24
Eurocopter, Sikorsky Testing the X Factor: Sikorsky's X2 Moves Toward the S-97 26
Disaster Relief Helicopters Helping Japan 32
FAA Seeing the Light 38
Kaman Corp. In Their Words: Remembering Charlie Kaman 42
Company/Organization Headline Page Number
Sikorsky Helicopter Experts: Stealth Not the Only Reason for Secret Mods 10
American Helicopter Society International Top Rotorcraft Engineers Meet at AHS Forum in Virginia Beach 11
Russian Helicopters, International Forces Peru Takes Delivery of Russian Mi-171s 12
Sikorsky, U.S. Army Sikorsky Innovations Completes Active Rotor Wind Tunnel Testing 12
Turbomeca Arriel 2D Certified 12
Bond Aviation, Grupo Inaer/World Helicopters World Helicopters Acquires Bond 12
Eurocopter Mercedes-Benz EC145 Debuts 14
Eurocopter, Uniflight Uniflight Now Servicing EC145 14
Bell Helicopter, Donaldson Aerospace & Defense AA to Distribute Bell 429 Filters 14
AgustaWestland, Saab Sweden Contracts Saab for Helo 15 14
Aero Vodochody, Sikorsky Aero Vodochody Modifies 300th S-76 16
Eurocopter Eurocopter Breaks Ground on Dev Center 16
NAHF Robertson to Receive NAHF Honor 17
Eurocopter X3 Tops 230 Knots 17
Columbia Helicopters Columbia 107-IIs Battle Texas Blaze 17
Eurocopter, United Rotorcraft Solutions United Rotorcraft Solutions Modifies Eurocopter EC135 18
AW, Bell, Boeing, EADS, Russian Helicopters Shifting Global Balance of Power M3
AgustaWestland, Bell, Boeing, Eurocopter Poised to Attack M10
AgustaWestland Egypt Air Force Orders SAR-Configured AW139s M15
NH90 Dutch Navy Installs NH90 System M15
Aspen Avionics, Sikorsky Precision Approach to Panel Upgrades 38
FAA, MRPA, Timken The ABCs of PMAs 42
Hi-Jet Helicopter Services, Squadron, Inc. Rolling Out an SMS: Hi-Jet Dives into SMS Training 46
AgustaWestland, International Forces AgustaWestland, EDA Create Tactics Training Course 46
Japanese military, U.S. Navy Japan, U.S. Trains for Emergencies 46
Bell, Sikorsky, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy Military Helicopters Train for Disaster Response 46
AgustaWestland AgustaWestland Hosts OGP Training Program 47
Rotors of the Rockies Rotors of the Rockies Launches NVG Training 47
Boeing, U.S. Marine Corps Marine Helo Squadron CH-46s Assist with Evacuation Exercises 47
Company/Organization Headline Page Number
FAA Shining Lasers at Aircraft ‘Not a Joke’ 12
ALEA ALEA Returns to New Orleans 12
Air Methods, Omniflight Air Methods, Omniflight Merge to Dominate HEMS 13
Sikorsky MH-60 Romeo Woos Australian Navy 13
Kaman Kaman Employees Honor Late Founder 13
Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin to Continue JAGM Testing with Helicopter Platforms 14
Cobham, Eurocopter, Metro Aviation Metro Installs Cobham HeliSAD 14
CHC Helicopter CHC Expands to Australia 14
AgustaWestland, Grupo Inaer Inaer Buys Seven from AgustaWestland 14
Lobo Leasing Lobo Leasing Launches 14
NTSB NTSB: Fatigue, Organizational Pressure Factors in Crash 18
Russian Helicopters Mi-171s Participate in Kazspas 2011 19
Garmin, Transport Canada Garmin Receives G500H Approval 19
Eurocopter LA Sheriff Receives 12th AS350B2 20
Eurocopter New EC135 Added to NSW Police Force 20
Russian Helicopters Ka-32A Delivered to Russia’s EMERCOM 21
Becker Avionics, Bell LE Bells Receive Becker DVCS6100 21
CHC Helicopter CHC Addresses Indicator Through SMS 22
Eurocopter Two EC135s Delivered to Ontario Police 22
Sikorsky Thai Air Force Receives Three S-92s 22
Erickson Air-Crane Ecocopter Peru, Erickson Air-Crane Form Alliance 23
Uniflight West Penn NEAT Becomes Uniflight West Penn 23
Eurocopter AS350B3 Rescue Stranded Climber on Alaska’s Mt. McKinley 23
Boeing A160T Returns to the Air 24
Areo Dynamix, Garmin Garmin G500H Modifications from Aero Dynamix 26
FEC Heliports Heliport Lighting Equipment 26
Aero Specialties Aero Specialties Offer JetGo 550Mti 26
Bell, Delaware State Police Delaware State Police 28
Boeing British Apaches Over Arizona 32
Aspen Avionics, Eurocopter, Robinson Safe Flying In Unsafe Weather 38
The Squadron Getting Wet: Water Egress Training 38
Company/Organization Headline Page Number
Sikorsky Sikorsky’s Comet; Boldly Funding the Future 12
Eurocopter Eurocopter Launches Dauphin Replacement; Preps for X3 14
AgustaWestland AgustaWestland Uncovers AW189;Targets Offshore and SAR Missions 16
AgustaWestland, Bell BA609 Now Under Full AW Control 16
Sikorsky Sikorsky Ceases S-76C++ Production 16
AgustaWestland, Russian Helicopters HeliVert Created 17
Ornge Ornge Opens New Med Base 17
Bell, U.S. Army Bell Hands Over First A2D Cabin 17
Aero Tech, Bell, United Rotorcraft Solutions URS Finishes Aero Tech Bell 407 18
Saab, Sikorsky Sikorsky Signs Service Agreements 18
Bell Helicopter OH-58 Block II Tests Hot & High 18
Eurocopter, Paradigm Helicopters Paradigm Receives First WAAS EC135 18
Sikorsky, U.S. Navy MH-60 Flies on Algae-based Fuel 18
Eurocopter JV Established in Kazakhstan 19
Air Rescue Systems ARS Trains Shanghai Police 19
HeliPartner Engines, Turbomeca Turbomeca Teams with HeliPartner in Malaysia 19
Bell Helicopter, Sandel Avionics FAA Approves HeliTAWS on Bell 412EP 19
Bell Helicopter, Garmin 50s Theme for Bell 429, 407GX 20
Eurocopter Eurocopter Restarts Diesel Engine Project 20
Eurocopter, Metro Aviation Metro Gets EC155, Completes EC130s 23
Sikorsky S-70i Black Hawk Going to Mexico 23
AgustaWestland, Simplex Manufacturing Simplex AW139 Fire System STC’d 23
Able Aerospace Services, Bell Able Offers Bell 206 Components 23
Sikorsky First Sikorsky CH-53K Enters Final Assembly 24
Eurocontrol Europe’s Augmented GPS is Operational 25
Schiebel Schiebel Camcopter Displayed in Paris 25
Bell, Bristow, Eurocopter, Robinson, Sikorsky Training Profile: Bristow Academy 26
Bell Helicopter, Erickson Air-Crane Dousing the Flames: San Diego Fire Department Air Ops Program 32
Boeing All Change for the Better at Boeing 36
Sikorsky Sikorsky Improves Colombian Training 40
Heliwest Heliwest Wraps Up NVG Training 40
NH90 Finnish NH90 Practice Troop Movements 40
Boeing Standalone Photo 40
The Squadron Should the Rotary World Invest in IS-BAO? 41
Company/Organization Headline Page Number
Boeing, International and U.S. Armed Forces CH-47 Chinook Crash Kills 38 in Afghanistan 12
Robinson Helicopters, Rolls-Royce Russia Certifies Rolls-Royce RR330 for Robinson R66 12
ALEA ALEA Meets in New Orleans for 41st Annual Convention 13
Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, U.S. Navy P&W EcoPower Expands to Helos 13
Eurocopter, UTair Aviation UTair Ecureuil Deliveries Begin 13
Boeing Boeing Trains Kiowa Pilots 13
Enstrom Helicopter Corp. China Certifies, Thailand Receives Enstrom 480Bs 14
Sikorsky Thailand Prepares for First MH-60S 14
Eurocopter, HAL, Mahindra Group Mahindra, HAL Join Eurocopter 14
AgustaWestland Indra Wins AW159 Sims Contract 14
ARINC, Russian Helicopters ARINC Completes Mi-17s for Iraq 14
Helicopteres Guimbal Cabri G2 Names UK Distributor 16
Eurocopter Fayette Revamps Aviation Unit 16
Bell/Boeing Bell Boeing Seeks V-22 Extension 16
CAE, Sikorsky, U.S. Navy Navy Contracts CAE for MH-60 Trainers 16
Phoenix Heliparts, Rolls-Royce Phoenix Heliparts Adds M250s 16
Eurocopter Fourth EC225 Lands in China for SAR Duty 17
Becker Avionics, Eurocopter Japan Forces Add Becker TH-135s 17
SEACOR Holdings Era Files for Initial Public Offering 17
Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Sikorsky Helicopter Seating Forum Highlights Back Pain and Neck Pain 18
Sikorsky Sikorsky Delivers First S-70i Black Hawks 19
Eurocopter EC135 Serves French Seaport 20
AgustaWestland AgustaWestland Receives UK Loan 20
Boeing, Sikorsky, U.S. Army Army Helicopters Amp Up Training at Fort Riley 21
Bell Helicopter, REBTECH REBTECH Makes Six Bell 412s NVG Compatible 24
Becker Avionics Stay Connected When it Matters Most with Polycon 24
Uniflight Uniflight Adds Avionics Installation 24
Alpine Air Support Alpine Air Now Supporting AS36, EC155 24
EuroAvionics EuroAvionics Releases EuroNav7 SA System 24
FEC Heliports FEC Heliports Add Crash, Rescue Equipment Lockers 24
AW, Bell, Boeing, Changhe, Eurocopter,
Russian Helicopters, Sikorsky Ambition Awakens in Asia 26
Bell/Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Boeing,
Sikorsky, U.S. military With Defense Cuts Expected, Are Military Helicopter Programs Safe? 33
Eurocopter, Hong Kong GFS Operator Profile: Hong Kong GFS 36
Various Helicopter Suppliers The Supplemental Type 40
Company/Organization Headline Page Number
AgustaWestland AW139s to Serve Japan, China 10
China Helicopter Exposition Tiajin Hosts First Chinese Helicopter Show 10
China Helicopter Exposition, Eurocopter Eurocopter Displays AS350, EC135, EC225 at China Exposition 11
Eurocopter, Turbomeca Turbomeca Signs Chinese Contract 11
Sikorsky Third Ss-76D Prototype Joins Flight Test 11
IDGC Holdings, Russian Helicopters IDGC, Russian Helicopters Pair 11
Helicentre Aviation Helicentre Wins CAA Approval for Seminars 12
Lockheed Martin, Kaman Unmanned K-MAX Undergoes Navy QRA 12
Turkish Aerospace Industries Turkish T129 Takes First Flight 12
International Forces, NH90, Patria Patria Protecting Finnish NH90s 12
Boeing Kuwaiti Apaches Make Ship Landing 13
Sikorsky Sea Kings Assist in Afghan Drug Raid 13
Becker Avionics, Eurocopter, U.S. Army Lakota Fleet Goes with Polycon AWIS 13
Vertex Heliservices Hog Hunting Means Money for Texas Operators 16
Boeing, International Forces Boeing Wins UK Chinook Contract 19
NTSB, Robinson Helicopters NTSB Issues R44 Safety Guideline 19
Bell Helicopter, Sikorsky, U.S. Marine Corps CH-53D Achieve Rapid Cobra Refueling 19
Boeing AH-6 Meets Projected U.S. Army AAS Requirements 22
Eurocopter Spain, Greenland Purchase EC225s 25
Appareo Appareo ALERTS Vision 1000 Improves Safety 26
CORRIDOR CORRIDOR Aviation Maintenance Software 26
AERO Specialties AERO Specialties Offers JetGo 26
Presagis Cost-Effective Rotorcraft Simulation Solutions form Presagis 26
Revue Thommen Revue Thommen Offers HSL-800 Searchlight 26
Bolt Byte Bolt Byte Stores Small Helicopter Parts 26
Boeing, FAA, NTSB New Helicopter EMS Rules: What It Means for Public Operators 28
MD Helicopters, Russian Helicopters Non-Standard Rotary Wing Aircraft: Aiding the Transition 34
Bell Helicopter, Garmin Flying with Garmin’s G1000H Integrated Avionics 38
Garmin Turning the Garmin G1000 from Fixed-Wing to Rotary Wing Avionic Platform 42
Air Methods Air Methods CEO Todd: Higher Responsibility for HEMS 44
Squadron, Inc. Know Your Role as Safety Officer 48
Bell/Boeing, U.S. Air Force USAF Orders V-22 Training Upgrades 50
FlightSafety International, Sikorsky Sikorsky Helitech Secures FSI Mx Courses 51
Sikorsky, U.S. Marine Corps Marines Complete Medevac Cross Training 51
Company/Organization Headline Page Number
EADS, U.S. Army EADS Adds Mission Equipment to Lakotas 12
Bristow Academy, Turbomeca Turbomeca, Bristow Academy Partner On Engine Maintenance Training 12
Bell Helicopter, U.S. Army Kiowas Complete MUSIC Testing 12
Boeing, Lockheed Martin, U.S. Army Lockheed Martin Wins Apache Contract 12
Eurocopter Eurocopter Stays Strong on New Markets 13
Goodrich, United Technologies/Sikorsky United Technologies Acquires Goodrich 13
Eurocopter Eurocopter Tests Hybrid Helicopter 14
FAA FAA Establishes Helicopter-Specific RNAV Routes for DC, New York 14
Hickok & Associates Hickok WAAS LPVs Win FAA Approval 14
L-3 Wescam Sky Helicopters Chooses MX-10 14
Cobham, Gama Engineering Gama Distributes Cobham HeliSAS 14
Various Operators Helitech Photo Spread 16
AAR Corp., Boeing, International Forces Boeing, AAR Service RNLAF 18
AgustaWestland AgustaWestland Establishes Chinese JVs 18
MD Helicopters, U.S. Army MD Helicopters Wins U.S. Army Contract 18
AKV, Turbomeca AKV Arriel 1 Gets Turbomeca OK 19
Bell Helicopter FAA Certifies Bell 407GX 19
Sikorsky Jalisco Welcomes First S-70i Black Hawk 19
Metro Aviation Metro Completes First EC155B1 for Michigan, Delivers EC135 to Korea 19
AgustaWestland GrandNew Flies Over France 20
Auyuittuq Aviation, Discovery Air Discovery Air Forms Inuit JV 20
Bell Helicopter, U.S. Army Bell Dispatches Last Kiowa SEP 21
Summit Aviation Summit Aviation Debuts Expansion 21
Bristow Academy, Rotorworld Institute Bristow Teams for HUET Training 21
PORTAPAD PORTAPAD Brings the Landing Site to You 24
3M, Clearfix Aerospace 3M, Clearfix Aerospace Launch Aircraft Restoration System 24
ITT Corp. ITT Adds Advances Laser to CIRCM 24
Bell/Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, U.S. Army Garrison: ‘Laser Focus’ On V-22, Five Commercial Variants 26
Cobham, Eurocopter, FSI, Lockheed Martin, Terma Coordinating Rotorcraft Communication 34
Bond Aviation, Eurocopter, Sikorsky, Uni-Fly The Next Offshore Energy Revolution 40

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