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Donaldson Briefs Heli-Expo on IBF

By Staff Writer | February 13, 2012
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St. Louis, Mo.-based Donaldson Aerospace & Defense (Booth 8451) president Mike Scimone held a workshop, “Engine Protection—Realizing Return on Investment (ROI) Quickly,” explaining the benefits of his company’s inlet barrier filter (IBF) systems from foreign object damage (FOD), which can range from the usual dust, dirt and rocks to the unusual including tree frogs and bats. Scimone related a story where he was doing an engine teardown on an MD Helicopters MH-6 Little Bird when he discovered a bat in the engine. Scimone displayed filters at various life cycles, with 15 being the maximum advised for Donaldson filters, to demonstrate the products ability to “catch everything and keep everything out.” Scimone also presented a return on investment study of an operator with a fleet of 24 Bell 206s. “The numbers were pretty brutal…without the IBF they were going to spend $6.9 million” over eight years, where with the system the operator only spent $2.9 million over that same time. The session followed several contract signings with operators in the U.S., Africa and the Middle East to provide IBFs for civil and military fleets.
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