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Hot Products April 2012

By Staff Writer | April 1, 2012
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Aspen Avionics and NVG Modifications from Aero Dynamix

Aero Dynamix, Inc. is the industry leader and principle innovator of integrated Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) solutions for commercial and military aircraft. ADI is a full line distributor and certified repair station for Aspen Avionics and offers internal NVG instrument modifications for Aspen products that do not compromise on the Aspen factory warranty. Featured here is the Evolution 1500H Package, which combines the powerful, award-winning Pro PFD 1000H with the versatile MFD 500H to deliver a full-featured, exceptionally easy-to-use glass panel. The Pro PFD 1000H provides professional-grade EFIS primary flight instruments, with a full-featured electronic HSI with moving map. The MFD 500H adds photo-quality moving maps, terrain awareness, geo-referenced charts and airport diagrams, and (with optional or existing sensors) traffic displays, WX500 Stormscope display, and the full suite of XM WX aviation weather products. Contact Aero Dynamix today at for more information or to request a quote. Aero Dynamix has a wide array of optional equipment with the best prices and exceptional customer support for all your Night Vision requirements. Let Aero Dynamix be your one-stop-shop for night vision solutions. For more information, visit the company’s website at

HEATCON Composite Systems Provides Positive Pressure Repairs


A large number of composite repairs can be accomplished by a Hot Bonder, utilizing vacuum pressure for material compaction. However, there are many instances for which the Structural Repair Manual (SRM) stipulates that a positive pressure, typically up to 50 psi, must be used, as that created by vacuum alone is insufficient for carrying out large area repairs on major components. In such instances, up until recently the only alternative to utilizing an Autoclave was to combine vacuum with a ‘Dead Weight’, such as sandbags, in order to achieve the equivalent of the required positive pressure. As it is difficult to achieve pressure uniformity over the repair area, plus the fact that sandbags act as a huge ‘heat sink’, most repair stations without an Autoclave would either decline the job, or subcontract the repair to a facility with one. Our patented HCS3100 (Series) Portable Autoclaves are custom built semi-portable pressure vessels. They are designed to provide controlled temperature, vacuum, and pressure during composite and metal bond repair processes. The positive internal pressure applied to the repair enables operators to achieve the higher pressure when required by aircraft manufacturer repair manuals. Heat is applied only where required using specially constructed silicone rubber heat blankets. This method results in reduced operational costs and fewer problems due to temperature induced part damage. For more information, visit

Professional Aviation Associates Offers a Global Reach

Professional Aviation Associates, located in Atlanta, Ga., operates a 30,000-square-foot warehouse just minutes away from Hartsfield International Airport, with sales support staff in Greer, S.C. and London, England. “We are excited to extend our support offering of the EC155 fleet in addition to our Eurocopter support program for AS350/AS355,” said Professional Aviation Associates President Glenn MacDonald. “Our sales force spans the United States, Spain, Latin America, Canada and the United Kingdom. It is a continuation of our goal to grow this part of the business and become the largest independent global supplier of parts for the rotor wing market.” For more information in the U.S. and Canada, call 1-800-283-2015 or visit

Optically Superior Windows from Tech-Tool Plastics

With a full line of windows available for your MD500 series helicopter, Tech-Tool Plastics offers the finest in replacement and custom windows for your aircraft. Cabin Comfort Windows, provided exclusively by Tech-Tool, are available in clear or tinted, Smoke Gray or Dark Gray options. These wedge-shaped windows allow for more shoulder and elbow room for passengers and give pilots more freedom to maneuver. In addition, their clear-view design improves visibility and provides a custom appearance. Quick Change Windows are another option for those interested in reduced installation time and replacement costs. These are available for all door windows and chin bubbles. They fit better, eliminate rivets and eliminate the need to repaint. Years of experience and a strong focus on innovation have allowed Tech-Tool Plastics to become the leader in replacement and custom windows for rotorcraft. Ensuring durability, ease of installation and an unwavering focus on quality—Tech-Tool customers experience immediate service with little or no down time. Contact Tech-Tool Plastics at 1-800-433-2210 or visit the company on the web at

Blue Sky Unveils HawkEyeLink, Inks Agreement with Bell

La Jolla, Calif.-based Blue Sky Network launched its HawkEyeLink for Bluetooth messaging during Heli-Expo. The Iridium voice and messaging service debuted for Android smartphones and tablets. The system, which is “aircraft manufacturer agnostic,” comes with an 8130 form for easy installation and field approvals from Blue Sky’s FAA/PMA facilities.

Once the modem is installed in the aircraft, users can pair Android devices with HawkEyeLink and Bluetooth headsets with the Blue Sky app. Currently, Android is the only platform supporting HawkEyeLink.

“We’ve developed the iPhone and iPad app, but Apple requires a lot of regulation, approval and licensing to use Bluetooth on their devices. It’s all done, we just need to get approval,” said Matt Cadwell of Blue Sky Network. Blackberry and Windows Mobile apps are also in development.

The system has a 30-foot radius for Bluetooth connectivity, making it useful for offshore transport operations that use Sikorsky S-92s and other large transport helicopters, such as “these are carrying 20-25 people, and [HawkEyeLink] is giving connectivity to all of them, not just the guys up front.”

“We’ve developed this for two different types of people in the aircraft: One, if you have a two-pilot operation, the non-flying pilot can handle things like calling the operations department … but our initial thought on this was the people in the back of the aircraft,” said Cadwell.

With FAA expanding its regulations to allow tablets as part of electronic flight bags (EFBs), the use of Blue Sky’s system is just the addition of a new app on a tablet, Cadwell stated. Blue Sky has also signed with Bell Helicopter to provide its HawkEye PT for Bell’s support and services division. The Iridium tracking and messaging software will track helicopters inbound for Bell’s service center in Piney Flats, Tenn. —By Chris Sheppard, Associate Editor

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