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Norway Launches Team NORDSAR

By Staff Writer | July 1, 2012
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Eurocopter will provide a SAR-modified EC225 for Nordic Search and Rescue. Eurocopter

Norway has formed a new SAR venture with Eurocopter and Heli-One in Team NORDSAR (Nordic Search and Rescue). Eurocopter will provide a custom-built EC225, with special modifications for Nordic region SAR missions. Heli-One will provide maintenance and logistics support for the helicopter. The EC225 NORDSAR is also entering into the Norwegian All Weather Search and Rescue Helicopter (NAWSARH) competition. NAWSARH seeks a helicopter fleet that can service both coastal and mountain regions, as well as long-distance missions to the Barents Sea. A military-qualified EC725 will offer Norway anti-terrorism abilities. Norway currently has an EC225 servicing Hammerfest and the North Sea in a SAR capacity.


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