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Boeing to Highlight Apache, Chinook, V-22

By By Douglas Nelms | November 1, 2012
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Boeing does not plan have an aircraft on display at the 2012 Dubai Helishow, but will have a booth with representatives there to talk to key members of Middle East militaries about its programs. These include the AH-64D Apache, AH-6 light attack/reconnaissance helicopter, CH-47F Chinook and the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor. The company has already had significant discussions with Qatar, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia about the AH-64D, both Blocks II and III, with those countries applying to the United States government for government-to-government sales. Qatar requested 24 AH-64 Apaches earlier this year, while the UAE asked for 30 each Block II and Block III in November 2010. The Saudis have filed for a multiple of orders worth almost $30 billion.

Saudi Arabia has also asked for 36 AH-6i light attack helicopters. The AH-6i is the international version of the AH-6 and MH-6 Little Bird. While the aircraft will not be on display at the Helishow, Boeing had the AH-6i at last year’s Dubai Air Show for demonstration flights. Mike Burke, Boeing’s director of global strike rotorcraft, said they have demonstrated the AH-6i to Middle Eastern militaries and conducted live fire exercises to the UAE, Jordan, “and others.” Roughly 1,500 aging, daylight only attack/reconnaissance helicopters worldwide now need to be replaced, giving the AH-6i a very active market.
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