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By Staff Writer | November 1, 2012
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Aviation Maintenance Software

CORRIDOR is industry-proven software developed to streamline the aviation maintenance process. Created by aviation professionals more than 15 years ago, CORRIDOR continues to improve efficiency, reduce errors, increase control and visibility, reduce costs, and elevate customer service levels for rotor and fixed wing service providers. CORRIDOR handles all functions in real time. CORRIDOR’s modular design allows each organization to tailor the application to their specific needs. Modules include those for Inventory Control, Procurement & Logistics, Maintenance & Shop Management, Part Sales & Retail Distribution, Customer & Vendor Management, Aircraft Maintenance Record Keeping, Accounting Integration, and more. CORRIDOR is backed by an experienced staff to support each business throughout training and implementation and continued user support. Contact us today for more information or to request a demo: 512-918-8900,

From the Cockpit to Your iPad


GDC64 Tablet Aircraft Interface Unit (TAIU). Type design approved Product PMA Pending

• Apple approved MFi licensee

• Allows weather and aircraft position on iPad (weather application required)

• Library of data

• SDK (Software Development Kit) for other applications

• Wired connection provides safe and approved power and aircraft interface leaving Wi-Fi connectivity available for other uses

• Four Arinc 429 input ports

• Eight discrete inputs from different sources

• Aircraft power keeps iPad fully charged

Connect today at or via phone at 1-512-331-5323.

Programmable Location & Identification Beacon Available from FEC Heliports

FEC Heliports has added a new range of innovative Programmable Location and Identification Beacons to their range of heliport lighting equipment. These medium intensity beacons, which are available as three or single color units, use high brightness LEDs and advanced micro-electronics to provide a range of pre-programmed and user field-selectable operating modes. The beacons can be programmed without any special knowledge, skills or tools, by means of on-board switches either before or after installation. Additional on-board switches enable different maximum light output levels to be set and control which quadrants of each light are active. These new beacons are housed in FEC’s existing, field-proven range of robust cast aluminium and glass housings, providing simple installation and upgrade. Depending on beacon type, the modes which may be selected include:

• FAA L-802H Civil Helipad Beacon - 36 Flashes per Minute [FPM], 75ms pulse width

• FAA L-802M Military Helipad Beacon - 17.3 FPM, 100ms pulse width

Two Location beacon modes:

• Modified ICAO pattern (short [2mS] and long [ 25mS] pulse) - 30 FPM

• 25 FPM UK CAA and Transport Canada timing compliant

Two Morse beacon modes: 4 - 6 WPM (Words Per Minute):

• 1, 2 and 3 character code options (defined at time of ordering)

• Rotating (simulated) and flashing beacon modes

For installations requiring light shielding to prevent pilot glare or distraction, arrays are individually selectable enabling any combination of 90-degree quadrants to be enabled or disabled. The Beacons are powered from a 48V DC source making them safe to install and operate and suitable for powering from a suitable 110/240V AC power supply or batteries. Custom versions of the beacons are available (e.g. IR, non-standard modes, automatic night-time switching). For more details, prices and to download the user manual visit or, email or call Fraser Mackay at +44 1494 775226 to discuss your needs.

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