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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2013
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The Aeronautical Accessories brand offers advanced helicopter parts and accessories that are designed, manufactured, warehoused and distributed at two state-of-the-art facilities spanning 150,000 square feet.


Incredible Variety, Global Distribution

With a product line consisting of more than 360 unique STCs, Aeronautical Accessories develops and distributes over 4,000 products and replacement parts. By maintaining inventory levels to meet demand, we are able to minimize customer downtime for repairs, refurbishments, and completions.


Advancing Mission Capabilities Through Innovation

Designed to enhance operation, safety and versatility, Aeronautical Accessories’ exciting innovations help expand the helicopter’s capabilities — allowing customers to accomplish a wide variety of missions. With our advanced engineering team listening to customer feedback, the group is able to predict emerging needs and applications, and respond swiftly with custom solutions.

The Trusted Leader Since 1979

As the most trusted leader in helicopter accessories and replacement parts, Aeronautical Accessories has been designing and producing quality rotorcraft items since 1979. Other brands can promise quality and reliability, but only Aeronautical Accessories has decades of experience and dedicated specialists delivering on that promise. Achieving ISO 9001 with AS9100 Revision C certification reinforces what customers have always known about Aeronautical Accessories — a brand that provides superior products to people who depend on quality and performance every day.


Stringent quality control, Exceptional Service

Every Aeronautical Accessories component must meet FAA requirements as well as exacting internal standards. Backed by an exceptional warranty and a reputation for excellent service with unparalleled reliability, Aeronautical Accessories continues to be known around the world for superior rotorcraft parts and innovative accessories.

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