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European Nations Consider Parts Pool for NH90

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2013
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One result of the European Defence Agency’s examination in November of the options for member nations to pool and share resources is that several states have shown interest in “cooperating in the testing phase or the pooling of spare parts for the NH90.”

According to EDA CEO Claude-France Arnould, this could take the shape of “bilateral, trilateral or regional cooperation” rather than applying to the whole EDA membership. Other pooling and sharing themes included cyber defense capabilities, route clearing CIED and a European Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Course (EAATTC). Arnould said it was important to pool maintenance and logistics support were applicable.

The EDA also planned to hold its third Helicopter Tactics Symposium from November 19-21 in Luxembourg. The EDA organized two helicopter training exercises during 2012 through the framework of the Helicopter Training Program (HTP). There were Hot Blade in Portugal and Green Blade in Belgium (September-October), which was largely focused around the Pegasus special forces exercise which ran alongside. According to the EDA, the exercises involved a total of 56 crews and more than 3,000 ground personnel.


During the Steering Board meeting the EDA reports that defense ministers signed a “program arrangement” for live exercises over the next 10 years.

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