Flight Safety Foundation Seeks More Involvement in Helicopter Industry

By By Ernie Stephens, Editor-at-Large | April 18, 2013
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Flight Safety Foundation (FSF), an international aviation safety organization based in Alexandria, Va., paid a visit to Heli-Expo in Las Vegas last month to renew its dedication to the helicopter community. Founded in 1947, the non-profit organization’s mission is “the improvement of global aviation safety.”

The foundation has “a pretty rich past with helicopters, but we’ve kind of [inadvertently] drawn away from it in the past 10 years,” said Kevin Hiatt, president and CEO. “But due to what’s happening in the helicopter end of this business with more accidents, we’re starting to take more of an active interest.”

FSF’s experience and industry knowledge shows that the use of its Basic Aviation Risk Standards (BARS) system, as well as confidential safety audits provided by its members, can assist any operation with the effective management of risk.


“We need to make sure that safety isn’t something that’s just added on to the top of an operation,” said Hiatt, a former captain and chief pilot for a major airline. “It has to become a core value. We have to manage the risk.”

Visit to learn more about the organization, its information databases, and its safety programs.

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