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By Staff Writer | May 1, 2013
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From The Cockpit To Your iPad®

Many developers are writing apps that can use aircraft position, weather info, and/or discretes from the aircraft. Applications for weight and balance information, OOOI reports, data recording and reporting, and many other Apps that can be developed and tailored for the user.

DAC International’s GDC64 Tablet Aircraft Interface Unit (TAIU) GDC64 is specifically designed as an aircraft interface device to feed aircraft data to an iPad or any tablet without additional costly Wi-Fi devices. This unique interface product routes live data from aircraft sensors and systems to tablets enabling a wide range of incremental functionality for the flight crew. You simply plug your iPad or tablet into connectors conveniently located in the cockpit to get data and power to keep tablets fully charged during flight.


With this product in the cockpit, operators will be able to fully leverage the benefits of using today’s Apps as well as future ones being developed to reduce cockpit workload and increase crew information and awareness. To find out more, contact DAC International by phone at 1-512-331-5323 or visit the company on the web at www.dacint.com


HEATCON Composite Systems Provides Positive Pressure Repairs

A large number of composite repairs can be accomplished by a Hot Bonder, utilizing vacuum pressure for material compaction. However, there are many instances for which the Structural Repair Manual (SRM) stipulates that a positive pressure, typically up to 50 psi, must be used, as that created by vacuum alone is insufficient for carrying out large area repairs on major components.

In such instances, up until recently the only alternative to utilizing an Autoclave was to combine vacuum with a ‘Dead Weight,’ such as sandbags, in order to achieve the equivalent of the required positive pressure. As it is difficult to achieve pressure uniformity over the repair area, plus the fact that sandbags act as a huge ‘heat sink’, most repair stations without an Autoclave would either decline the job, or subcontract the repair to a facility with one.

Our patented HCS3100 (Series) Portable Autoclaves are custom built semi-portable pressure vessels. They are designed to provide controlled temperature, vacuum, and pressure during composite and metal bond repair processes. The positive internal pressure applied to the repair enables operators to achieve the higher pressure when required by aircraft manufacturer repair manuals. Heat is applied only where required using specially constructed silicone rubber heat blankets. This method results in reduced operational costs and fewer problems due to temperature induced part damage. For more information, visit www.heatcon.com

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