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$40 Million Goes to Bell-Boeing for V-22 Components

By Staff Writer | May 29, 2013
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The U.S. Naval Air Systems Command has granted $40 million to Bell-Boeing’s Joint Project Office in Amarillo, Texas related to additional long-lead components for the MV-22 tiltrotor. The agreement involves components associated with building 19 V-22 Ospreys under the Lot 18 program. Around a quarter of the work will take place at Bell’s facilities in Fort Worth, with another 19.2 percent at Boeing’s campus in Ridley Park, Pa. Amarillo will house around 10 percent of the work and Dallas another 4.3 percent, with a number of other locations listed in the contract to include Cobham in the UK. The MV-22 is in operation with the U.S. Marine Corps, while the Ospreys flying with the U.S. Air Force are designated CV-22.

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