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By Staff Writer | June 1, 2013
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AERO Specialties Offers JetGo GPUs

AERO Specialties JetGo line of 28.5V DC diesel hybrid aircraft ground power units (GPU) provide impressive continuous and peak power in addition to offering advanced aircraft protection systems. The compact size and light weight make our JetGo ground power unit a nimble unit that is easily maneuvered, whether it’s across the ramp or around the globe. These GPUs provide a sophisticated ground power solution for aircraft engine starts and avionics maintenance, as well as electrical, air and environmental systems support.

JetGo GPUs have been specifically designed to meet the increasing demand in the aviation industry for a quieter, environmental friendly, yet powerful ground power unit. Its brilliant design, from both a functional and aesthetic standpoint, has set a new standard for 28V DC ground power units. Its amazingly compact size, peak power, aircraft protection features, operator safety and ease of use have truly made this a unique and venerable unit. Already a popular unit with military installations, FBOs, MROs and regional airlines; these ground power units have also become a hit with rotorcraft operators and flight departments who appreciate the self-sufficient operation and simple controls! For more information, visit Aero Specialties on the web at




Sandel Primary Navigation Displays and Primary Attitude Displays

Primary Navigation Displays from Sandel enable you to upgrade your cockpit with a compact, affordable navigation solution. Sandel is the horizontal situation indicator (HSI) replacement specialist, offering 3- and 4-ATI retrofit solutions for most applications. Designed to simplify installation, our patented SandelSmart I/O® (input/output) automatically accepts inputs from digital and analog aircraft sensors, multiple HSI navigation modes, and supports additional safety enhancements including Stormscope® weather mapping, traffic and datalink weather uplinks.

Sandel’s Primary Navigation Display products are the perfect update for aging electromechanical attitude directional indicators (ADI). Providing reliable, easy-to-read attitude information, our retrofit units accept input from virtually any gyro source, providing a clear, reliable depiction of the aircraft’s attitude in pitch and roll. Expandable through SandelSmart I/O, our primary attitude display products are modular and work in almost any aircraft type and configuration, supporting both analog and digital avionics systems.

To help you Spring into action, Sandel is offering limited specials on all product purchases of a 2-Pack or more. To learn more, visit


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