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By Staff Writer | July 1, 2013
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Eye-Popping Performance

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I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading Pat Gray’s “The New Generation of Offshore Helicopters” feature in the May 2013 edition of Rotor & Wing (on page 34).

It helped those of us with very little knowledge of oil company operations in the Gulf of Mexico to more visualize the challenges of deep sea drilling. I had never given much thought to the re-supply of personnel and materiel and to the demands placed on the flight crew and helicopter.

It was enlightening to read how interconnected the flight restrictions and distances out to the rig have helped shape the development of some of the new helicopters. Now it makes more sense when thinking about the rigs maximum structural allowable landing weight and the distance the choppers have to travel to re-supply the operation.

The discussion on the new “Medium Heavy/Super Medium Twins” was really very interesting, especially for those of us versed in flight operations, just not necessarily helicopter ops. The performance of these new helicopters was eye-popping to say the least. The introduction of fly-by-wire technology, auto-hover, A/P, speed control and integrated flight systems are all state-of-the-art innovations commercial aviation has just recently seen.

Pretty soon flying these new helicopters will be just like flying the big commercial jets: After takeoff, gear up, autopilot on. After the auto landing, autopilot off and taxi, in your case hover taxi, to the gate.

I’m sure that, if they haven’t already, the sound quality and acoustic discomfort in the cabin will be all but gone. In my opinion, the future appears to be unlimited for rotary wing operations.

All in all, it was a wonderful article, well written in an entertaining manor that everyone can understand and enjoy.

Lonnie Parrish

LCR Outsourcing

Online response to Bell Launches Light Single to Compete with Robinson R66, Eurocopter EC120,” posted on June 17. (See story on page 14.)

Outsourcing to LCR (low cost regions) is passé, my friends. The Pacific Rim no longer offers a cost advantage and Africa has no infrastructure. North America is the most cost effective site for production. Read “An On-shore Wind” in the June issue of Circuits Assembly magazine for some eye-opening statistics.

Sergio Simon


Baby JetRanger

Online response to “Bell Launches Light Single to Compete with Robinson R66, Eurocopter EC120,” posted from the Paris Air Show: It’s a baby JetRanger with more glass up front… Bell should sell boatloads of these if the price point is right.

Michael Cusson



The infrared camera that is part of Honeywell’s Smart View System/Combined Visual System (SVS/CVS) was attributed to the incorrect manufacturer in “Synthetic Vision: Seeing What You Should be Missing,” on pages 30 and 32 of the June 2013 print edition. Astronics is the maker of the Max-Viz 1500 infrared camera.

In the “Paris Prepares for Aviation Takeover” feature under the “Avinco Tops Ten” subhead on page 40, Avinco’s headquarters and the year of the company’s founding was listed incorrectly. Avinco is based in Monaco and was founded in 2003. In addition, the arrangement with CHC was not a financing agreement, rather a transaction that Avinco facilitated with an undisclosed third party seller.

The editors of Rotor & Wing sincerely regret the errors.

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