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Hot Products August 2013

By Staff Writer | August 1, 2013
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TruLink® ICS Now for Frontline to Flightline

Telephonics’ TruLink® Wireless Voice Communication System with its range of 2,500 feet is the most versatile wireless intercom in the world today. TruLink is ideal for pilots and crew members for most helicopter applications. Medevac, Aeromedical, Search and Rescue, Police, Fire and First Responders all use TruLink today. Telephonics’ TruLink® Portable Transceiver (TPT) allows crew members to easily communicate with each other while completely hands-free in the most critical of situations, increasing operational safety for crew members and patients.

The TruLink® Submersible Portable Transceiver (SPT) allows for work to be completed in and around water while freeing hands and removing dependence on traditional hand signals, whistles, or wands. The Adaptive Noise Cancellation feature facilitates clear and effortless communication even under rotor-wash conditions. The TPT and SPT offer full-duplex, hands-free and Voice Activated (VOX) communication, 31 users per channel, with 6 simultaneous speakers, and 50 channels of operation. No other communication system combines these features to support and enhance crew mission capability. For more information or to request a quote, please contact Transaero Inc. at or visit us at







Next Gen 406MHz Automatic Activation PLB

Continuing in the success of the Techtest Ltd. PLBs following Beacon selection for another current high profile aircraft program, the 500-30 Series are rapidly becoming the “go to” solution for 406MHz automatic ejection capable Personal Locator Beacons.

From the moment of activation upon ejection the Dual frequency 500-30 transmits 406Mhz with embedded GPS providing positional accuracy to better than 100 meters combined with the ability to home to location.

With a proven universal interface for automatic activation provided through an ACES II ejection seat remote activation cable assembly and new technology lanyard suitable for BA22 Parachute Pack or similar, Ejection seat installation, Personal Survival pack or Life Vest integration the unit provides unrivalled flexibility together with a plug and play upgrade replacement for the URT33 or similar beacons.

The 500-30 Series provides aircrew with the peace of mind that comes from the established reliability of Techtest Ltd Personal Locator Beacons. Visit HR Smith/Techtest on the web at



L-3 Wescam Expands MX Series with Emulator and RAid

During the 2013 Paris Air Show in June, L-3 Wescam released two new members of its electro-optical/infrared (EO-IR) surveillance and targeting system group of products – the MX-Emulator and MX-RAid. The MX-Emulator gives system integrators and OEMs the ability to lower system integration lab (SIL) development costs, according to L-3 Wescam. It supplies connectivity to all standard control systems, including hand controllers, joysticks, mission grips and operator control units. MX-RAid provides a remote Internet-based diagnostic capability to evaluate fielded MX-Series EO/IR systems. For more information, visit L-3 Wescam online at




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