Newest UK Apache Commander: Royal Prince Harry

By By Andrew Drwiega, International Bureau Chief | August 1, 2013
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Prince Harry (aka Capt. Harry Wales) is now qualified as a Boeing Apache aircraft commander, completing three years of training that has involved Conversion to Type (CTT) then Conversion to Role (CTR) courses.

Prince Harry.

Toward the end of his qualification, he was required to complete a six-hour qualification flight. This meant flying point-to-point around the UK from his base at Wattisham airfield, Suffolk in southern England up to Newcastle in the north east, across the country to Carlisle below the Scottish border, down western England then across country once more via Birmingham and back to his home base.

The prince had to plan and execute the sortie, navigate including flying through controlled airspace, and initiate a simulated low-level attack. Other diversions and emergencies were also added into the mission to test his ability (which is standard for all aircrew on this course).


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