Vector Aerospace Offers AS332L Lease Program and Complementary BYPASS Hourly Support Program

By Staff Writer | September 16, 2013
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The AS332L Lease Program

Vector’s lease program gives operators the ability to operate a Super Puma AS332L helicopter without the large capital investment associated with the outright purchase of either a second hand aircraft or the associated typical aircraft financial lease type obligations.


Vector Aerospace provides operators with the opportunity to lease a Eurocopter AS332L Super Puma complete with a by-the-hour support program. This is of particular interest to operators willing to acquire new Super Puma C1e aircraft who have immediate operational requirements which can be fulfilled utilizing the AS332L.

The Aircraft

The AS332L is a twin-engine medium‐weight civil helicopter. Its operational characteristics and its large cabin have resulted in a high success rate for this aircraft. The extensive power reserve, its safety level, and comfort make Vector’s Super Puma an aircraft ideally suited for short to midterm utility operations for either On‐Shore or Off‐Shore missions. The aircraft is of proven reliability and cost effectiveness with a high degree of commonality with the new AS332 C1e version.



Vector program highlights include:

• From 2 to 5 years operational lease

• Maximum 4,000 to 5,000 hours on lease

• Aircraft basically configured for utility operations and can receive customer supplied and/or specified optional equipment

Each aircraft lease is offered on the basis of an agreed term with fixed monthly fees and no hourly fee with regard to the aircraft lease portion of the program.


The BYPASS Program

The “BY the Hour Parts Availability Support Service” (BYPASS) is an integral part of the Vector Super Puma AS332L Lease program. It supports the Lease program by providing Component Exchanges and Repair Cycle Management on a defined list of significant Rotable Components.

Key Highlights

• The program uses a combination of certified serviceable components and overhaul/exchange services to support scheduled and unscheduled removals.

• Additional benefits with this program is the provision of a “Proximity Stock”. BYPASS Items with a history of high replacement/usage are provided on consignment at the customer’s selected location to support aircraft availability.

• Engines are excluded from BYPASS. Vector will assist the customer to negotiate with the Service Provider directly for their Engine support program.

• Consumables, Initial Provisioning List (IPL) items, and other items not on the coverage list are excluded.

Aircraft Specifications

Vector’s lease aircraft configurations are provided to suit utility operators. Vector can also provide custom modifications to customer’s specific requirements as Buyer Furnished Equipment (BFE) at additional charge. Such items may be removed and returned to customer at end of lease.
Vector’s Standard Configuration AS332L are equipped for dual pilot IFR operation inclusive of:
• External white paint scheme
• FAA Standard of Airworthiness
• EASA Standard Certificate of Airworthiness ‐ Optional
• Dual Garmin 530 certified for FAA IFR operations
• Central fuel tank (320L)
• Pilot/Copilot Doors with enlarged visibility
• Extended luggage hold
• Artex 406 ELT
• Emergency floatation gear (Fixed Parts)
• Provision for Rescue Hoist (Fixed Parts)
• Provision for 2 T Cargo Sling (Fixed Parts)
• Hard Interior
• Up to 18 comfort seats
Available mission specific upgrades:
• 12 Pax troop seats capability
• NVG Cockpit and external lighting capable
• 2 Nato strechers in the back of the cabin
• Multi Purpose Air Intake
• Emergency Floatation Gear (Mobile Parts)
• 2 T, 3 T or 4.5 T Hook (Mobile Parts)
• 50 M fixed speed Hoist (Mobile Parts)
• Satellite Tracker
• Tactical Radio
A Detailed Spec for each aircraft will be agreed in a defined Statement of Work.
Vector Aerospace is now an OEM-approved Super Puma support center, and can now offer 24/7 support to Super Puma customers. Terms & Conditions apply. Contact Vector directly for more details, on the web at or by phone at 1-888-729-2276.


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