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Helitech International 2013 Conference Schedule

By Staff Writer | September 23, 2013
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(Source: Reed Exhibitions)


Tuesday, Sept. 24:


Keynote Address


14:05 - 14:25, South Gallery Rooms
A vision for the future of the rotorcraft sector, the opportunities and the challenges, against the backdrop of ongoing European-wide initiatives and the regulatory environment.
Moderator: Vittorio Morassi, Chairman, European Helicopter Association
Speaker: Dr. Norbert Lohl, Certification Director, European Aviation Safety Agency


Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research (SESAR) – Initiatives and Milestones

14:25 - 14:45, South Gallery Rooms
The progressive adoption of enabling technology to 2020 and beyond. Industry/OEM collaboration in design and manufacture of low-cost, low-power, light weight communications, navigation and surveillance equipment to encourage early adoption.
Moderator: Vittorio Morassi
Speaker: Carlo M. Borghini, Deputy Executive Director, SESAR Joint Undertaking


Accessing the Single European Sky – Issues for the Rotorcraft Sector

14:45 - 15:05, South Gallery Rooms
More than 300 projects are initiated within SESAR’s program to increase air traffic efficiency, increase flight safety and reduce cost. Airspace users, including rotorcraft via the European Helicopter Association, are engaged in various projects. The outcome will affect future helicopter operations both with respect to concept of operation and equipage.
Moderator: Vittorio Morassi
Speaker: Sigmund Lockert, Deputy Manager, Flight Operations, CHC Helicopter


Next Steps – Implementation of IFR Procedures for Helicopter
Operations using GPS and EGNOS

15:20 - 15:40, South Gallery Rooms
Helicopter operations today are very constrained by meteorological conditions. But new Instrument Flight procedures enabled by GPS and EGNOS will allow helicopters to keep flying in low visibility conditions. They enable operators to fly very accurate trajectories, minimizing the risk of controlled flight into terrain.
Moderator: Vittorio Morassi
Speaker: Marc Torres, Air Navigation Consultant, Pildo Labs


Operators Experience

15:40 - 16:00, South Gallery Rooms
Why is INAER interested in deploying IFR procedures using GPS and EGNOS?
Moderator: Vittorio Morassi
Speaker: Capt. Carlos de la Cruz, HEMS Pilot, INAER


Wednesday, Sept. 25:


The Case for Introducing the First Night Helicopter Emergency Medical Services Operations in the UK

10:35 - 10:50, South Gallery Rooms
The East Anglian Air Ambulance operation is the first such service in the UK to receive permission for night-time missions. This session is an opportunity to learn from the EAAA experience.
Moderator: Gerry Hermer, Aviation Consultant, East Anglian Air Ambulance
Speaker: Tim Page, Chief Executive, East Anglian Air Ambulance


Achieving the First UK Approval and the First Few Months of Operations

10:50 - 11:15, South Gallery Rooms
Moderator: Gerry Hermer
Speakers: Capt. Pete Cummings, Director of Flight Operations, Bond Air Services
Capt. Alex Stobo, Head of Flight Operations, Bond Air Services


Contrasting Experiences Across Europe

10:50 - 12:15, South Gallery Rooms
Experience in time and difficulty in gaining Night HEMS approval. Modifications to the helicopters to enable Night HEMS. In particular the debate of the value of white light and night vision goggles.
Speaker: Capt. Pete Cummings, Director of Flight Operations, Bond Air Services
Moderator: Gerry Hermer


Night HEMS Operations in Spain

11:15 - 11:35, South Gallery Rooms
Moderator: Gerry Hermer
Speaker: Capt. Carlos de la Cruz, HEMS Pilot, INAER


Night HEMS Ops in Germany

11:35 - 11:55, South Gallery Rooms
Moderator: Gerry Hermer
Speaker: Capt. Harald Weber, HEMS Pilot and NVG appointee, DRF Luftrettung


Night HEMS Ops in Norway

11:55 - 12:15, South Gallery Rooms
Moderator: Gerry Hermer
Speaker: Erik Normann, Manager Flight Operations, Norweigan Air Ambulance


Panel: The View Across Europe

12:10 - 12:45, South Gallery Rooms
Session speakers will consider the critical issues around gaining permission for night HEMS operations and the ongoing operational challenges, plus audience Q&A.
Moderator:  Gerry Hermer
Speakers: Capt. Carlos de la Cruz, HEMS Pilot, INAER
Capt. Pete Cummings, Director of Flight Operations, Bond Air Services
Erik Normann, Manager Flight Operations, Norweigian Air Ambulance
Willy Sigl, Rulemaking Officer, EASA Flight standards
Capt. Alex Stobo, Head of Flight Operations, Bond Air Services
Capt. Harald Weber, HEMS Pilot and NVG appointee, DRF Luftrettung


EASA – The Medium Term Agenda

14:05 - 15:35, South Gallery Rooms
Overview of the new operations and flight crew licensing rules relevant for helicopter operations. Active and future helicopter-specific rulemaking tasks, including public interest sites, offshore operations, HEMS, flight-time limitations, single-engine helicotpers, HV diagram, powered lift and vibration health monitoring.
Moderator: Peter Norton, CEO, British Helicopter Association
Speaker: Willy Sigl, Rulemaking Officer, EASA Flight standards


The Challenges Ahead – Flight & Duty Time Limitations

14:35 - 14:50, South Gallery Rooms
Overview of actual Flight and Duty Time regulations for HEMS operations in Europe.
Moderator: Peter Norton
Speaker: Peter Moeller, Flight Operations Manager, Rotor Wing, Luxembourg Air Ambulance


The Challenges Ahead – HEMS and Public Interest Sites

14:50 - 15:10, South Gallery Rooms
Moderator: Peter Norton
Speaker: Gerhard Wittmann, Flight Operations Manager, ADAC


Industry Discussion On the Way Forward

15:10 - 16:10, South Gallery Rooms
Discussion on the issues and potential solutions for the rotorcraft sector, plus audience Q&A.
Moderator: Peter Norton


Thursday, Sept. 26:


Outlook: Upcoming Opportunities and Challenges

10:35 - 10:55, South Gallery Rooms
Civil rotorcraft market drivers and key issues shaping the future, e.g. integration of fixed wing and rotorcraft, impact of SESAR and new technology.
Moderator: Dominic Perry, News Editor, Flightglobal
Speaker: Dr. Andrew Black, Director and Head of Analysis, Hawk Associates


Industry Panel Discussion/Q&A

10:55 - 11:45, South Gallery Rooms
Moderator: Dominic Perry
Speakers: Chuck Evans, Director of Marketing and Sales Support, Bell Helicopter
Roberto Garavaglia, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, AgustaWestland
Michael Hampton, Managing Director, Capital Air Services
Alex Sharp, Sales Director, Europe, Sikorsky
Markus Steinke, Managing Director, Eurocopter UK Ltd


Panel Discussion/Q&A: Understanding the Important Funding Opportunities for your Business

12:05 - 13:00, South Gallery Rooms
What are the new financing streams? How can you use export credits for financing? How can you best present your business case to the financiers and you optimize the changes of accessing funds.
Moderator: Aoife O’Sullivan, Partner, Kennedys Aviation
Speakers: Jim Clarke, Chief Operating Officer, Macquarie Rotorcraft
Jason Kmiecik, Chief Appraisor, HeliValue$
Praveen Vetrivel, VP, Structured Finance, Lease Corporation International
Andrew Woolfson, Vice President Europe, Middle East & Africa, AirFinance

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