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Robinson R66 Pair Completes Around-The-World Flight

By Staff Writer | October 14, 2013
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A pair of Robinson R66 turbine helicopters completed a six-week around-the-world flight on Sept. 15, an expedition organized by Moscow-based Robinson dealer Aviamarket.

R66 flying above la manche, during its around-the-world trip. Photo courtesy of Robinson

The company organized the flight in an effort to test the newly Russian type certified R66. The flight took the helicopters from Russia and across Europe before crossing the North Atlantic Ocean heading west over Canada, with a passage through Alaska and finally crossing the North Pacific Ocean to Siberia and back to Moscow. Crossing the Atlantic presented the biggest challenge of the trip, as it featured the longest stretches over water, the longest being 490 miles. 



The R66 pilot team. Photo courtesy of Robinson


A team of four pilots flew about 620 miles per day in the R66s which were outfitted with auxiliary fuel tanks to extend their range.  


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