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Rockwell Collins to Supply HF-9000 Radio for Korean Surion

By By Andrew Drwiega, International Bureau Chief | October 31, 2013
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Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) will take two hardware ship sets of the Rockwell Collins HF-9000 high frequency radio system for its Surion Marine Helicopter program. Further production orders are expected in 2016 once the development work has been completed. The voice communication system can be used by rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. According to Rockwell Collins, "it can store 50 manually tuned frequencies and can learn and store tuning data for 99 present channels.’ In addition, its antenna coupler will operate at extreme altitudes and temperatures."

Developed by KAI and Eurocopter, the twin-engine, 8.7-ton Surion Korean Utility Helicopter (KUH) is being designed for military and civil use. Included in the military role will be a marine amphibious helicopter for missions including troop assault, search-and-rescue, tactical lift, liaison and medical evacuation. It is set to have a 260 km range and service ceiling of 3,000 meters. 

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