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By Staff Writer | November 1, 2013
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Max-Viz EVS System from Astronics

An Astronics Max-Viz EVS system can increase safety and mission success in both rotary and fixed-wing EMS fleets for approximately half the cost of night vision goggles (NVGs) with no need for costly flight deck lighting modifications and hours of expensive initial and recurrent flight crew training and currency.

Max-Viz EVS can give your pilots and aircraft capability no night vision goggles can. Unlike NVGs, Max-Viz allows your flight crew to see through smoke, haze and light fog. Day or Night. They can accurately see terrain, tree lines, landmarks, landing zones and obstructions. Situational awareness and spatial orientation are improved dramatically. Stress and fatigue are reduced. And the ability to more effectively discriminate between MVFR and IFR conditions can minimize or even eliminate the chances of IIMC.


Max-Viz is certified on 16 different helicopters and over 200 fixed-wing aircraft. Let us show you how we can help with collaborative STC development and special needs for aircraft installations not currently available. Interested in preserving your assets? See Max-Viz in action. For more information, visit

GDC64 Tablet Aircraft Interface Unit Available from DAC International

Many developers are writing apps that can use aircraft position, weather info, and/or discretes from the aircraft. Applications for weight and balance information, OOOI reports, data recording and reporting, and many other apps that can be developed and tailored for the user.

 DAC International’s GDC64 Tablet Aircraft Interface Unit (TAIU) GDC64 is specifically designed as an aircraft interface device to feed aircraft data to an iPad® without additional costly Wi-Fi devices. This unique interface product routes data from aircraft sensors and systems to the iPad enabling a wide range of incremental functionality for the flight crew. You simply plug your iPad  into connector conveniently located in the cockpit to get data and power to keep the iPad fully charged during flight.

With this product in the cockpit, operators will be able to fully leverage the benefits of using today’s apps as well as future ones being developed to reduce cockpit workload and increase crew information and situational awareness. To find out more call DAC International at 1-512-331-5323 or visit

True Blue Power Releases Lithium-Ion Batteries for Business and GA Use

Mid-Continent Instrument subsidiary True Blue Power has introduced two advanced lithium-ion batteries for business and general aviation applications. The TB17 and TB44 feature A123 Systems’ Nanophosphate lithium-ion chemistry. The TB17 weighs 16 pounds, offering a 45 percent weight savings compared to older, lead-acid and nickel-cadmium alternatives, according to True Blue. The larger TB44 weighs 53 pounds, offering a 40 percent weight savings. It is designed for the turbine market, including fixed-wing and rotorcraft applications. These next-generation battery systems are engineered to provide an overall lower cost of ownership with 50 to 75 percent less scheduled maintenance cost.

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