Hot Products December 2013

By Staff Writer | December 1, 2013
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Techtest 500-32 Speech Enabled PLB

Re-introducing the 500-32 Series Personal Locator Beacons; now available with full speech capability on the standard frequency of 121.5 MHz. The 500-32 retains its simple, compact 132mm x 72mm x 34mm lightweight form weighing in at less than 370 grams, making it one of the smallest and most effective beacons on the market. The PLBs are compatible with the majority of search and rescue equipment including the COSPAS/SARSAT satellite-based survivor location equipment. Versions are available featuring embedded 12-channel GPS with data burst transmission on 406 MHz, further improving location accuracy and detection time.

The fully certified PLB is a one-piece unit with the transmitter housed in a molded thermoplastic non-slip compact case, incorporating user replaceable batteries mounted within the overall package. Standard features include an audible tone indicating live beacon transmissions with GPS Lat/Long position and a full self-test capability. An operator may reprogram the PLB using an optional reprogramming adaptor. For further information contact sales@hr-smith.com



Transaero Inc. – Your Source for Generation III Night Vision Goggles

Transaero Inc. is pleased to announce its expanded international distribution partnership with Exelis Inc. Through this agreement, Transaero will now to inventory, market and sell Exelis’ F4949 Aviator Night Vision Imaging System throughout the United States and to select international markets. With exceptional reliability, the Exelis F4949 Night Vision Goggles/Image Intensifier System helps ensure a safer, more secure world. The F4949 system, known as the AN/AVS-9(V) by the U.S. Government, features Generation III tube performance offering high resolution, high gain and photo response to near infrared. A low-profile battery pack improves aviator head mobility and increases battery life. Exelis’ F4949 series is available in over 40 different configurations and helmet mounts can be included for fixed or rotary-wing. For more information, please contact Transaero at koshansky@transaeroinc.com or visit us at www.transaeroinc.com. Transaero has the F4949 in stock and available for immediate delivery. Transaero has been recognized as a leading technical sales, marketing and distribution company of engineered products to airline, life support and military markets worldwide.


Barfield Incorporates Wifi Remote Control into RVSM Test Sets

Sabena technics company Barfield has introduced a wifi-enabled remote control feature to its reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) test sets. The company unveiled the new feature for tablets or iPads during the NBAA Convention in late October. In 2012, Barfield uncovered its RVSM air data test set, model DPS1000, as a replacement for the manually-operated flight light tester, model DPS350. Other upgrades include a user-friendly touchscreen interface and programmable test routines. For more information visit www.barfieldinc.com

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