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Year in Review: Headlines   

By Compiled by Rotor & Wing staff | December 1, 2013
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In our annual effort to provide a snapshot of the hundreds of stories that appear in print, online, in e-newsletters and digital format, Rotor & Wing has assembled a list of items published from January to November 2013, with a special emphasis on stories that you may not have come across in the print edition – stories that appeared at, or in one of our four e-letters, including The Collective, Military Insider, Helicopter Safety & Training and Hot Products. This list does not cover the entire spectrum of Rotor &Wing’s various offerings, it is just a sampling of our coverage, as there are many additional news stories, photos and in-depth features available online and through out other distribution channels, such as social media (on Facebook at, on Twitter @rotorandwing and on LinkedIn at

One of the reasons we undertake this exercise is to gather feedback about what readers would like to see and open the doors of communication with those companies that warrant additional coverage. What are your favorite stories of 2013? What would you like to see in the pages of R&W during 2014? What areas should we focus on, and what do we need to cover more? Send your suggestions to

The Collective


Headline                                               Date

Paganini: Industry Back on Track by 2014 Jan. 2

Helicopter Industry Struggles with Safety Goals Jan. 9

Sikorsky/Boeing Back Together on Joint Multi-Role Jan. 25

Bell Seeks FAA Approval for 429 Weight Increase Jan. 30

Helicopter Industry Active at Aero India Feb. 6

Italian Police Arrest Finmeccanica CEO Over Corruption Allegations Feb. 13

Heli-Expo Pre-Show e-letters Feb. 26, 27 and March 1

Lutz Bertling Exits Eurocopter March 13

New Chinese Ownership Brings ‘Great Change’ to Enstrom March 22

Bristow Helicopters Wins £1.6 Billion UK SAR Contract March 27

Pilot Report: Flying the Eurocopter EC175 April 3

German Start-Up Building Electric Two-Seater April 10

Indonesia Joins Bell 429 Weight Club April 17

Avincis Group Breeds Safety-First Culture April 24

AgustaWestland Philadelphia to Produce AW169 May 1

Navy Restarts VXX Presidential Helicopter Replacement May 8

Army Advisor Pours ‘Cold Water’ on AAS Tech Demos May 15

AHS Forum Converges on Technology in Demanding Environments May 24

ATSB Issues Safety Actions in Waterfall Rescue Investigation May 29

NAVAIR Orders Four CH-53K Demo Aircraft June 6

Panel Calls for Quicker Science & Technology Development June 12

AW189 Closes In On Certification June 26

Russians Develop Six Civil Variants at a Time July 3

Era and LCI Order 10 Each from AgustaWestland July 10

Bell Raises 525 Performance Numbers July 17

EC225 Returns to Service with SonAir July 31

Lockheed Martin Makes Early Bid for Future Helicopter Mission Systems Aug. 7

Sikorsky Uncovers Matrix Autonomous Helicopter Technology Aug. 14

Russian Helicopters Gears Up for MAKS Aug. 21

Turbomeca Teams with Russian Helicopters on Maintenance Aug. 28

UK Approves AS332 Return to Service Sept. 4

Marines Extend K-Max in Afghanistan, Again Sept. 11

Helitech Pre-Show e-letters Sept. 17, 19, 23

CAA to Examine North Sea Operations as Avincis, Bristow and CHC Partner Sept. 25

Tiltrotor, X2 and X3: Different Strokes at High Speed Oct. 2

Guimbal Details Cabri Maintenance Savings Oct. 9

Helitech Organizers: 5,600 Attendees Represents 12% Uptick Oct. 16

Bell Reveals Retractable-Wheeled 429 Oct. 23

Next Step for ITEP: Engine Runs Oct. 30

Army, Navy Conduct Joint Mideast Training Exercises Nov. 6

Boeing Wraps Up Production of Delta Apache Nov. 13

Helicopter Safety & Training

Headline                                                      Month

Elbit Maintains IAF Bell 206, Cobra Training Fleet January

Chinese Investment Firm Acquires Enstrom January

EASA Approves Bond NVG Ops February

Starlite Purchases Elite Simulator February

Safety Takes Center Stage at Heli-Expo March

TSI Gives Moral Courage Award to Bond, USCG March

Eurocopter Identifies Root Cause of EC225 Issue April

Flight Safety Foundation Seeks More Involvement in Helicopter Industry April

NTSB Issues PED Safety Guidelines to FAA and Air Methods May

Avincis Group Strives for ‘Fundamental Change’ in Safety Approach May

EDA Graduates First Tactics Instructors June

CAE Breaks Ground at Brunei Training Center June

Meet the ISSP: Working to Increase Safety in Transportation July

EASA Validates Eurocopter EC225 Fix July

AS332 Accident Renews Safety Concerns Over Super Puma Family August

NASA to Crash Test Helicopter Fuselage with FAA August

Eurocopter Employs Helicopter LPV Approaches in Germany September

Turbomeca CEO Details RTM322 Plans September

Vision Zero Award Goes to Boston MedFlight October

Chinook Simulator Upgrade Serves Dutch CH-47D/F Training October

Highlights from the Print Magazine


2013 Rotorcraft Outlook Panel 14

Annual Reports 23

NAVAIR Sets Ball Rolling (Again) for Presidential VXX Replacement 8

Sikorsky Completes CH-53K Ground Test Vehicle 9

Flying the MD540F 46


AW189 Prototype Visits U.S. Stops as Part of Global Flight Test Campaign 12

Sikorsky, Boeing Partner Again on JMR/Future Vertical Lift 14

Bell 525 Progress Continues: Focus on Relentless Systems & Simulators 24

Q&A with American Eurocopter CEO Marc Paganini 28

Heli-Expo Heads to Las Vegas 32

Elbit’s Vision Past the Fiscal Cliff 36

Industry Struggles with 2016 Safety Goal 40


AgustaWestland Controversy Emerges from Dust of Aero India 2013 12

Bell Continues to Seek FAA Approval for 429 Weight Increase 22

Let the Good Times Roll 36

Helicopters Allow O&G Producers to Go Further Offshore 44

Return of the Excellence Ratings 50

A Career Policing London’s Skies 52


Lutz Bertling to Exit Eurocopter, Move to Bombardier Transportation 10

Turbomeca Reveals Pyrenees-Themed Name for TM800: Arrano 10

Tilton: 540F Helps Fuel Record 2012 for MD Helicopters 11

Kaman Reorganizes Helicopter Division Around Strengths 12

Bell 525 Controls: ‘Just Grab It and Fly It’ 14

AgustaWestland India Dispute: More Smoke Than Fire? 16

Enstrom Introduces Garmin G1000H Option 16

TSI Gives Moral Courage Award to Bond, USCG Alaska 19

Cobham Demos HeliSAS During Heli-Expo 20

Robinson Reports Productive 2012, Promising 2013 22

Sizable Fleet Orders, New Engines Dominate Heli-Expo 26

DARPA: Speed, Efficiency Key to Future VTOL Designs M5

Bell Submits Third-Gen JMR Tech Demonstrator M5

AgustaWestland Reveals ‘Project Zero’ Tiltrotor TD M5

Flying Through the Ceiling M8

Future Vertical Lift: A New Hope in Challenging Times M12


UK Government Cuts Military from SAR Role with Bristow Selection 12

Safety Board: Testing, Multitasking Factors in 2011 EMS Crash 16

Erickson to Expand Fleet, Services with Purchase of Evergreen 16

Osprey Takes on Greyhound in Fight Over U.S. Navy COD 18

Honeywell Outlook: Demand Strong Through 2015 18

Russian Aviation Authority Grants R66 Certification 20

New Engines, Upgraded Systems Power Boeing AH64E 22

Future Vertical Lift: An Overview 29

New Generation of Offshore Helicopters 34

Quad-A: Gotta Case of the Sequestration Blues

One-on-Ones with Top Brass at Sikorsky, Avincis Group and Breeze-Eastern 42


AgustaWestland to Bolster Philadelphia Line with AW169 Addition 12

Eurocopter Demonstrates ‘Me Too’ Optionally Piloted Helicopter 14

Synthetic Vision: Seeing What You Should be Missing 28

A Decade of Change for Australia’s Military Helicopters 34

Paris Prepares for Aviation Takeover 38

Fighting the Flames 42


Helicopter Operations to Offshore Wind Farms, London Conference Update 12

Bell Partners with Turbomeca on Light Single to Compete with EC120, R66 14

Virginia State Police: Protecting the Commonwealth 26

Striving for Excellence: 2013 Ratings 32

Essential Ground Equipment: A Quick Guide 40

R&D Report: Technology at AHS Forum 43

Panel: Google, Apple Engineers Got Nothing on Challenges of Helicopter Industry 48


EASA Approves Eurocopter EC225 Fix as Operators Prepare for Return to Service 10

Bell Boosts 525 Performance, Touts Fly-by-Wire Controls 12

Russian Helicopters Moves Six Civil Variants Forward at the Same Time 14

Rockwell Collins Launches HeliSure Line of Avionics 16

Sikorsky S-76D: Power and Innovation 20

Rotorcraft Training Guide, Part Two: International 26

Shaping the UK’s Helicopter Force Post-Afghanistan M6


Sitting Down with Sikorsky President Mick Maurer: The Paris Interview 12

Better Equipped for the Hunt 16

Sikorsky’s Matrix Seeks to ‘Execute Mission Within a Virtual View of the World’ 20

Lockheed Martin Makes Early Bid for JMR/FVL Mission System 22

Not Just Folding Wings & Tails 30

Helitech International Means Business: Show Preview 36

Integrating Aerial SAR Responders 40

No Mess, No Fuss 46


UK Civil Aviation Authority Probes Scottish AS332 Crash 12

Rolls-Royce Completes Sale of RTM322 Share to Turbomeca 20

Tennessee’s Own: LIFESTAR Air Medical Services 26

Russia Means Business: Marketing War, Not Cold War 32

Why Buy When You Can Lease? 38

Whirlwinds in a Forgotten War 44

IHST Strives to Lower Accident Rate 48


CAA and EASA Start Offshore Review as Avincis, Bristow and CHC Team on Safety 12

Bell Sort Light Single to Feature Garmin G1000H 12

Helitech’s Move to London Results in Attendance Boost 22

Heli-Union’s Training Center Builds on New Technologies 28

New Software Meeting New Technology Needs 34

ADAC Academy Networks EC145 HEMS Operators 38

Proceed with Caution: JMR Phase 1 40

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