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Rockwell Collins Keeps Generating Visions for Apache Crewmen

By By Andrew Drwiega | December 5, 2013
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Rockwell Collins will continue to supply its image generators for Boeing’s Apache Longbow Crew Trainers (LCT) through the provision of its EP-8000. 

LeAnn Ridgeway, vice president and general manager of Simulation & Training Solutions for Rockwell Collins, said: “We’re now into the fourth generation of image generator upgrades in our Boeing Apache relationship dating back to 1997.”

According to Ridgeway, the attack helicopter synthetic environment is one of the hardest to address in flight simulation due to the need to correlate the sensor and weapons systems into the high-fidelity LCT.


Key features of the EP-8000 include: the claimed largest texture memory for ‘sub-meter, out of the window and sensor imagery over large areas; high fidelity sensor simulation addressing infrared (IR), night vision goggle (NVG), EO and LLTV requirements; attention to long-range, narrow-field-of-view sensor viewports with variable range focus; and pixel fill rates which support high-res projectors with greater than 10 million pixels.

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