Aero Dynamix

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2014
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Aero Dynamix, Inc. (ADI) is the industry leader and principal innovator of integrated Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) lighting solutions for civil and military aircraft. ADI specializes in fully integrated cockpit modifications for night vision applications. ADI has earned 28 multi-ship FAA STCs on 41 different aircraft model types, four EASA validations/STCs, one JCAP validation/STC, and has completed over 600 STC cockpit upgrades. ADI has taken numerous steps over the last couple of years to maintain and grow our position as a principal innovator of NVG and non-NVG aircraft lighting solutions. ADI has remodeled and expanded its facility to a new, large (23,200 square feet), state-of-the-art facility to include new high-tech CNC machines, new high speed lasers, and precision robotic painting machines, just to mention a few of the many upgrades. ADI has also concentrated on increasing its ELP (edge-lit panel) production/offerings by becoming QPL-7788 and AS-9100 certified. ADI can now offer all types of lit aviation panels from NVG, non-NVG IPL white, and blue-filtered white. ADI is currently in the process of working on developing the technology to support Type VII panel production.

In order to support ADI’s continued growth as a foremost innovator in aviation lighting systems, ADI has also heavily invested in its Engineering Design, R&D, and Aircraft Certification departments. ADI’s Engineering staff now includes a FAA Electrical Systems & Equipment DER, a FAA Flight Test DER, two Electrical Engineers, two Aerospace Engineers, and a team of highly skilled product Designers. With these resources in place, ADI is not only capable of supporting its civil and military NVIS product lines, it is able to provide Engineering solutions for a variety of diverse lighting applications. These applications range from panel designs for OEM avionics units to mission specific exterior lighting components.

Many companies around the world are choosing to modernize their existing rotary and fixed wing fleets, and ADI is there to help facilitate achieving their goal. ADI is the NVG modification center for most major Avionics OEMs and has the contracts in place with them to be able to NVG modify their new equipment while maintaining the original OEM warranty.


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