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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2014
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Innovations for Enhancing Your Mission Capabilities
For more than 30 years, Aeronautical Accessories has been listening to customers and responding to their needs. With an on-hand engineering team, we can take customer feedback and transform their requests into custom solutions.

Our HID™ Nightscanner® and HID™ Nightscanner® Plus lighting products were developed based on customers’ need for brighter, longer lasting lighting requiring less amperage.
Aeronautical Accessories now offers these enhanced products for Bell Helicopter, MD Helicopter and Eurocopter models.

Recently, we expanded our carbide skid shoe offerings to include skid shoes for the Robinson R66 and announced the addition of the RoLin product line to our 2014 catalog, providing access to RoLin’s unique Windshield Buddy™ system for use on Bell helicopters, Sikorsky, MD Helicopters, AgustaWestland and Eurocopter.



Innovation… Coupled With Reliability and Quality
In aviation, innovation must be accompanied by a stringent focus on compliance to ensure your safety and that of your crews and passengers. To deliver on that commitment, Aeronautical Accessories places an uncompromising focus on safety and quality. Our components meet FAA requirements as well as exacting internal standards and are backed by an exceptional warranty — a benefit of being part of the Bell Helicopter brand. Aeronautical Accessories is registered under Bell Helicopter as a certified ISO 9001 with AS9100 Revision C facility.

Variety and Global Distribution
With a product line consisting of more than 370 unique STCs, the Aeronautical Accessories brand is capable of developing and distributing more than 4,000 products and replacement parts. Through our modern inventory management and logistics systems, we are able to minimize customer downtime for repairs, refurbishments and completions.
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