Carter Aviation PAV Test Program Advances

By Staff Writer | February 4, 2014
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Source: Carter Aviation

Carter Aviation Technologies has been back to expanding the aircraft envelope since its public demonstration at Kickapoo airport in Wichita Falls, Texas in November of last year. On January 21, 22, 23 and 24, with test pilot Larry Neal at the controls, Carter’s Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) prototype broke five of its own records.



Carter was the first to achieve Mu 1 (Mu is the ratio of aircraft speed divided by the rotor tip speed, and Mu 1 is when both are equal) back in 2005 and have accomplished the feat again numerous times with the latest aircraft.


“We cannot keep our current aircraft in flight test forever,” explained Jay Carter. “In the next month or so we will approach the FAA requesting a change to our certification from research and development to demonstration.” This is a significant milestone for Carter Aviation. The demonstration ticket from the FAA will grant Carter the access to multiple venues across the country with its prototype aircraft.

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