HAI Initiative Reminds Pilots to ‘Land and Live’

By By Keith Cianfrani | February 27, 2014
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“Land and Live” is a new safety initiative revealed HAI during Heli-Expo 2014. This is a follow-up to last year’s HAI safety promotion “Just Land the Damn Helicopter.” This initiative focuses on the decision-making process to either not depart at all on a flight or to terminate a flight with a precautionary landing due to weather conditions, fuel concerns, mechanical concerns or a pilot is just not feeling well. It is based on an assessment of the pilot that the flight is not going well.

Pilot concerns on taking such action are due to various perceptions such as FAA enforcement, company, customer or local police reaction, negative press, peer pressure, local zoning and property owner reaction.

14 CFR 91.3 and 135.19b allows pilots to make precautionary landings if necessary as they have the sole responsibility to do so. This is a professional decision that involves humility, flexibility and a “Just Culture.”


The biggest threat to this would be “Planned Continuous Bias” or “get-home it is.” A pilot should have an action plan that includes commitment to a change of plans, if necessary, assessing the urgency of the flight to be yellow or red.

This cultural change to make this decision must be in all pilot plans. It must be emphasized in initial and recurrent training, discussed during “hangar talk” and supported by the industry. HAI intends to continue to promote this program through the safety outreach program and personal testimonials from pilots. Find more information at

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