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By Staff Writer | March 1, 2014
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Responses on Social Media


The following questions and responses appeared on Rotor & Wing’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/rotorandwing.com


If you could have any helicopter in the world, which one would it be and why? Also what would you use it for?


MD500e. I’d use it for trips around the Northeast U.S. Just day trips to skip over traffic. Ok and maybe a few hundred snowboarding trips.

-A.j. Saball

S-76, because it looks awesome and Igor was a genius.

-Scott Gillette

UH-1H Huey, what a wonderful life.

-Asar Dagli

EC135 for taking friends to lunch.

-Ron Hall

CH-47 for skydiving parties at my house!!

-Christian J. Chandler

Very good question. I think you need to ask yourself first, “What do you want to do with the helicopter?”, then from there figure out which one would work best for you.

-Ray Grenkow

It’s gotta be a toss-up between a 500 and a 47... both very fun machines for different reasons... and it would be used for fun!

-Josh Michael

Bell 230. It’s the helicopter (Bell 222) that made me fall in love with helicopters and aviation in general. I would do aerial tours with it. Gotta make money somehow.

-George Arana

Sikorsky S-76, for my own fun.

-Edd Burns

Would have a Eurocopter EC135... smaller, fast [with the] tail rotor more safely enclosed... and I’d use it for enjoyment, a faster way to and from work.

-Phil Garber

Apache. Hunt hogs.

-Jay Webb

MD500 for zippin around.

-Stu Royle

What’s the Coolest Place You’ve Ever Flown a Helicopter?


Inside the crater of Mount Saint Helens. It was not erupting at the time. Or it might have been flying over the film set of the helicopter pad and main entrance gate to Jurassic Park on the island of Kauai the day before principle filming began.

-Ken Wilson

Silverstone F1 Grand Prix!

-Bridget Stanley

Kauai and The Big Island are always good, but a pinnacle landing and takeoff from Seattle’s Columbia Tower was pretty darn cool.

-Joe Anderson

Pike’s Peak. Landed there at night also.

-Dee Iminurputer

CokeVille Wyoming at 50 below zero, had to land there to do a fuel touch-and-go, but it was so cold if you spit it froze before it hit the ground. We still do SAR flights there several times a month.

-Patrick Gary Montgomery


Responses to a story about U.S. Army Aviation’s plans to cut AAS and retire the OH-58 fleet:


Waste money to save money! Good decision?

-Stephen Andrew Grover

Wow... cut the salaries of Congress first!!

-Margaret Holeman

It seems the Armed Aerial Scout program will now make use of the Apache AH-64E helicopter. However, this doesn’t make sense in a way when one considers the high maintenance and operating costs of this machine. I’m seriously doubting if this is a wise move.

-Bhekimpilo Ndlovu

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