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United Rotorcraft Strikes Deals for AgustaWestland, Bell and Sikorsky Completions

By Staff Writer | March 3, 2014
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Air Methods Corporation’s United Rotorcraft division has received contracts totaling up to $5.5 million with the Ecuadorian Navy, AgustaWestland, and an unnamed operator in the Middle East to design, manufacture, certify and complete several airframes for a variety of missions.

United Rotorcraft will reconfigure four Bell 430 aircraft for the Ecuadorian Navy. Two helicopters will be converted from a dedicated EMS configuration to a search and rescue configuration. The aircraft will be outfitted with new EMS interiors, external hoists, sliding doors, cargo hooks, bambi bucket kits, and a wide arrangement of avionics, tactical radios, satellite communications, and new paint. Two other helicopters will be modified in country to integrate downward looking SAR radars and thermal imaging systems. Additionally, United Rotorcraft will perform an EMS completion, satellite communications installation, and paint for the Ecuadorian Navy's King Air B350 fixed-wing aircraft.  All work will be completed in this fiscal year.

The second contract is with AgustaWestland to design, manufacture, and European Aviation Safety Agency-approve three EMS interiors of an AW169 twin-engine helicopter for the Dubai Air Wing/Dubai Police/EMS slated for completion July 2015. With interior design collaboration from Dubai Air Wing, the EMS interior will include the United Rotorcraft Translating Patient Loading System, seating to accommodate six occupants in the main cabin, plus pilots, a customized medical cabinet, and provisions for securing medical support equipment.


The third contract shipping in March 2014 is for a Middle Eastern customer operating the S70i (UH-60 Black Hawk) helicopter. United Rotorcraft will provide two Multi-Patient Stacking System (MPSS) kits for the operator’s S70 Blackhawks in support of medevac missions.  Each MPSS will equip the S70s with a light weight stacking litter system capable of transporting up to four critical patients, an integrated seating system for four during ambulatory transports, and advanced life saving capabilities such as oxygen storage and 115A/C power outlets for charging or powering carry-on equipment throughout the mission. 

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