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By Staff Writer | April 1, 2014
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The following headlines and responses appeared on www.rotorandwing.com


From Aviation Today

(In reference to a story about DARPA’s X-Plane program)

What American aviation needs today is a 1,000 lb, two seat tandem, electric/Hybrid motor glider, mass produced and sold at the same cost/lb as a compact car...

-Neil Cosentino

Robots Building Aircraft

(Response to: “Will Airbus Futurassy Robots Build Aircraft?”

Why not? A robot will not forget a rivet neither tighten a screw to the right binary. After all will not get flu or pain or tendinitis, which it’s the most frequent disease for repetitive tasks.

Look the automotive industries, they could speed up and reduce manufacturing costs.

-Rui Figueiredo

Safety for All

Let everyone take his/responsibility and put in practice the 10 commandments of workplace safety to arrive at a 10 score. Let zero accident be our target as from this minute.

-Bless Manuel

Air Methods Diversity

(In response to “Air Methods Diversifies with Purchase of Blue Hawaiian, Sundance Helicopters”)

[CEO] Aaron Todd has shown shrewd business savvy and is to be commended for navigating through some very difficult times. Todd shows an uncanny insight into future of commercial rotor-craft operations.

-Andrew Leonard

Responses Via Social Media

The following appeared on Rotor & Wing’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/rotorandwing


What’s the Coolest Place You’ve Ever Flown a Helicopter?

Twenty feet over a male Alaskan Brown Bear on the Kenai peninsula, after the 9,900-foot volcano, bear was much cooler.

-Larry Peck

For me it was definitely flight in Grand Canyon to the river and back!

-Juraj Krajcirovic

Ozark’s in Missouri!!! and blue mountains in Jamaica!

-Stacey Henry

The Congo River

-Patrick Heidenreich

Mountains of Kosovo, fresh snow on the ground, flying NVGs witht he fullest, brightest moon I have ever seen. Incredibly beautiful night, visibility must have been 100 miles. Will never forget it!

Jim Furlow


Sydney Harbor... spectacular!


Michael Burton

NYC in the 80’s, Florida Everglades and Bahamas.

John Marks


Daniel Morris

From Sanaa to Hodeida, Yemen, from the plateau where Sanaa is located, down to the Red Sea; passing the “mud skyscraper” villages clinging to the sides of the mountains, young village kids waving up from the roofs as they hear the 212 approaching... like having your own Nat Geo show... also flying around the island of Socotra... amazing, unspoiled nature.

Tony Beaumont

The football stadium in Nashville, Tenn.

Cesar A Ramos

A trip from Milan, Italy to Antalya then Istanbul, Turkey in an Agusta A109S - amazing!

Christine Lesko










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