Hot Products April 2014

By Staff Writer | April 1, 2014
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500-32 Series Personal Locator Beacon with Speech

Re-introducing the 500-32 Series Personal Locator Beacons; now available with full speech capability on the standard frequency of 121.5 MHz. The 500-32 retains it’s simple, compact 132mm x 72mm x 34mm lightweight form, weighing in at less than 370gms, making it one of the smallest and most effective beacons on the market. The PLBs are compatible with the majority of search and rescue equipment including the COSPAS/SARSAT satellite-based survivor location equipment. Versions are available featuring embedded 12 channel GPS with data burst transmission on 406MHz, further improving location accuracy and detection time.

The fully certified PLB is a one piece unit with the transmitter housed in a moulded thermoplastic non-slip compact case, incorporating user replaceable batteries mounted within the overall package. Standard features include an audible tone indicating live beacon transmissions with GPS Lat/Long position and a full self-test capability. An operator may reprogram the PLB using an optional reprogramming adaptor.


Find out more online at www.hr-smith.com


ASU Demos Next Step in Night Vision Technology

Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU), distributor of NVIS equipment, gave Rotor & Wing a look at the next step in night vision technology at the company’s Heli-Expo booth. ASU demonstrated new unfilmed image intensifier tubes (made by L-3). The unfilmed tubes provide greater reliability and enhanced low light level performance with better resolution, smaller halos, and increased clarity. The familiar green image is now more blue-grey due to the use of white phosphor, improving perception and decreasing eye strain, according to ASU. “It’s the completion of a circle that was started 10 or 15 years ago,” noted Joe Estrera, vice president and chief technology officer. The robust nature of the new design will increase the time between overhaul, reducing maintenance costs while at the same time increasing safety, he added. — By Frank Lombardi


DropCam From IMT Emerges During Heli-Expo

Integrated Microwave Technologies, a business unit within the Vitec Group’s Videocom division, has introduced its DropCam Tx-II/Mini MobilCMDR surveillance kit at Heli-Expo 2014 in Anaheim. The IMT DropCam Tx-II/Mini MobilCMDR surveillance kit is a rapid deployment video/audio surveillance solution that includes the DropCam Tx-II Transmitter with integrated camera and microphone, along with IMT’s Mini MobilCMDR receiver/monitor. Using COFDM digital RF transmission enables superior non-line-of-sight performance in buildings, culverts and urban environments, DropCam gives users a level of performance unattainable with conventional analog or 802.11 (Wi-Fi) products.


EC225e Intended for Extended-Range Offshore Ops

The new EC225e version of Airbus Helicopters’ Super Puma product line was formally launched Tuesday, offering an enhanced rotorcraft that responds to operators’ requirements for extended-range missions – particularly in support of deep-water oil and gas airlift missions. Details on the EC225e were outlined at Heli-Expo 2014, along with the first orders. Features of the twin-engine EC225e include more payload, an additional fuel tank, a new cabin layout and new avionics. Certification of the EC225e is targeted for late 2015, followed by the start of deliveries in mid-2016.

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