LCI Inks Deal for 20-Plus Helicopters from Airbus

By Staff Writer | April 1, 2014
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Lease Corporation International has reached an agreement to acquire as many as 21 new Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft in a contract involving both the EC175 and the newly unveiled EC225e. The total contract value is estimated in commercial terms to be around $645 million, with delivery scheduled to commence in 2016.

The major commitment marks Lease Corportation International’s initial transaction with Airbus Helicopters. It involves up to six orders for the EC175, along with as many as 15 of the Super Puma family’s EC225e version when it becomes available.

New Turbomeca Makila 2B turboshaft engines will power the EC225e for improved performance and a range-of-action extended to 180 nautical miles with 10 passengers. Certification of the EC225e is targeted for late 2015, followed by the start-up of deliveries in mid-2016. (Sources: Airbus Helicopters and Lease Corporation International)



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