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Military to Civil Transition Explored During Heli-Expo 2014 Seminar  

By —By Frank Lombardi | April 1, 2014
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Among one of first workshops to open at Heli-Expo 2014 was a military-to-civilian transition seminar. Stacy Sheard, Sikorsky production test pilot and former Army aviator, filled a room to maximum capacity as she ran a workshop for former or soon-to-be former military aviators looking to enter the world of the civilian aviation job market.

The presentation highlighted the fact that the road to success is often long and twisted, but not unattainable. Tips on resume writing, networking, and possible venues to seek employment were discussed. A panel of civilian mentors currently employed in various aviation positions including corporate, human resources, EMS and law enforcement, was on-hand to field questions and provide input as well as inspiration to those who might see entry into the civilian world as a daunting task.


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