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Elbit Receives Two AH-1W Upgrade Contracts

By Staff Writer | May 21, 2014
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The U.S. Marine Corps has awarded Elbit Systems of America (ESA) two contracts worth a total of $14.1 million for equipment connected to the upgrade of its Bell AH-1W Cobras.

The first contract, worth $11.6 million, is for helmet display tracker system (HDTS) kits. These will be delivered over two years. The second contract, worth $2.5 million, adds tactical video data link (TVDL) capability to each aircraft. This is a 15-month contract.


Bell AH-1Z Super Cobra. Photo courtesy of Bell Helicopter



The TVDL provides the Cobra crew with information via onboard sensors or from external feeds. This is a two way data exchange to that all forces on the ground or in the air can have access to the same intelligence data.

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