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Sikorsky, Lord Test HMVS Vibration Reduction Technology

By Staff Writer | May 22, 2014
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Lord Corporation and Sikorsky Aircraft have finished testing the hub mounted vibration sensor (HMVS) on a UH-70A Black Hawk. The flight test took place at Fort Eustis, Va., in partnership with the U.S. Army’s Aviation Applied Technology Directorate.

During the American Helicopter Society International’s Forum 70 this week in Montreal, Lane Miller, vice president of global technology at Lord, noted that the company is “driven by innovation. We define innovation as converting technology into value – value for Lord, value for Sikorsky and value for Sikorsky’s customers. Failing that, the technology is not truly innovative.”


Lord HMVS. Photo courtesy of Sikorsky Aircraft



The March 2014 flight test took place as an element of the Active Rotor Component Demonstration (ARCD) program. According to Sikorsky, the trials included progression from a hover to 150 knots, autorotations and 60-degree angle-of-bank turns. HMVS cancels the largest vibratory loads near the source of the vibration, the main rotor hub, and keeps the loads from propagating into the airframe.

Chris Van Buiten, vice president of technology and innovation research and engineering for Sikorsky, put a timetable on the HMVS development: “We expect to be demonstrating near-jet-smooth operation of the Black Hawk to the U.S. Army before the end of this year.”

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