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Kazakhstan Government Agencies Grow Mi-171 Fleets

By Staff Writer | May 23, 2014
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Russian Helicopters is breaking further into the Middle Eastern market by supplying the Kazakhstan Emergencies Ministry and Kazakhstan Border Service with Mi-171 helicopters for use in border patrol, search and rescue missions and personnel and cargo transport.

The Border Service has already received its Mi-171Sh, which will be used in routine patrols of the Kazakh border and also to transport special forces troops to detain anyone that illegally crosses the border. The helicopter can be fitted with on-board defense systems and can carry up to 36 troops, with the ability to land four troops simultaneously.

In addition, the Kazakhstan Emergencies Ministry has recently placed an order for a Mi-171E, a variation of the Mi-8/17 series, which are typically used for medical assistance and SAR operations after disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, or forest fires. Delivery is expected for 2015.



Mi-171E. Photo courtesy of Russian Helicopters

Both helicopters are produced by the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plane, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters. The Mi-171E has the option to add equipment needed to work in strenuous mountain conditions, and can operate at air temperatures ranging from minus 50 to plus 50 degrees C. It can carry up to 26 people in passenger seats or up to 12 on stretchers accompanied by medical staff. Both the Mi-171E and Mi-171Sh can carry up to four tons inside the cabin or on an external sling.

Russian Helicopters has completed several projects with Kazakh partners, including the 2012 delivery of two Ka-32A11BCs, the 2013 delivery of two Mi-171Sh rotorcraft and last year’s transfer of a Mi-171E to the Interior Ministry.

Along with these orders, the company has expressed its intention to expand further into the global market with a partnership revealed at HeliRussia 2014. The agreement, signed with State Corporation Rostec and Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies, announces the establishment of a Helicopter Avionics Integration Center (HAIC) created as part of a larger effort to increase the competitiveness of Russia’s helicopter industry in the global market. The goal of HAIC is to develop and upgrade integrated on-board avionics for military, special-purpose and commercial helicopters.

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