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Tax-Exempt Equipment Financing Available for AS350s

By By Ernie Stephens, Editor-at-Large | July 16, 2014
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Government Capital Corp. (GCC), located in Southlake, Texas, is partnering with Airbus Helicopters to offer tax-exempt financing to law enforcement and government agencies wishing to upgrade their AS350 aircraft with new mission equipment technology.

Such financing can also cover major maintenance, 12-year inspections, and the installation of upgrades for that line through Precision Aviation Group (PAG) of Peachtree, Ga.

According D.C. Greer, GCC’s vice president, bundling an Agency’s needs into one tax-exempt financing agreement adds simplicity to budgeting. It can also let government administrators spread payments over a period of time.


“Enabling law enforcement agencies to effectively manage their operating budgets is a key to performing upgrades to keep aircraft in optimum condition,” explains Adrienne Robinson, vice president of business development for PAG. “Managing maintenance costs, especially on larger inspections and maintenance items, can be challenging. When [operators] upgrade their equipment and have the latest technologies in thermal imagers, searchlights, tactical radios, NVG cockpits and system, not only can they meet or exceed their operation requirements, but they also address safety and fatigue of aircraft and crew.”

The turbine-powered AS350 line is a popular platform for state, local and federal law enforcement operations, which has helped Airbus achieve a reported 56 percent share of that market segment in the U.S.

“Many of our law enforcement customers continue to operate their aircraft beyond 10 years, and we want to identify a new way for public agencies to pay for important mission equipment upgrades without breaking the budget,” explained Ed Van Winkle, Airbus Helicopters sales manager for law enforcement. “This innovative program will revolutionize how law enforcement agencies pay for major aircraft upgrades and inspections.”

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