Australia Brings Helicopter Landing Site Guidance in Line with ICAO

By By Emma Kelly, Australia and Pacific Correspondent | July 21, 2014
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Australia has released new guidance material on helicopter landing sites as part of its efforts to bring standards in line with those of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The new guidance material is also designed to help helicopter operators transition to new Australian regulations that are under development as part of the country’s lengthy regulatory reform program. “With the development of the operational parts of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations, Australia is moving toward a more ICAO-based set of regulations. In order to meet these requirements, it is necessary to transition operators toward these standards,” says the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

CASA says that while the new material contains some standards that are higher than those currently in operation, it does not expect operators of helicopter landing sites to upgrade existing facilities immediately. However, CASA is encouraging the adoption of the new standards when new landing sites are being built or existing ones are being upgraded, it says. Except in emergencies, helicopter landing sites can only be used in helicopter visual meteorological conditions under visual flight rules.


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