Hot Products: October 2014

By Staff Writer | October 1, 2014
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FEC Helideck Casualty Response Kit

Helideck operations present risks that include major or minor injury to personnel. FEC’s new Helideck Casualty Response Kit, designed with an in-depth understanding of casualty treatment following a helideck accident, is presented in a robust Pilgrim hard case to ensure the contents remain in prime condition. Equipment is organized to enable a first-responder to treat injuries in a systematic, effective manner. Contents are presented in a logical and intuitive way following accepted CABC methodology. Each kit comprises: a chest seal adhesive dressing with valve; 36-inch splint to manage injury to broken long bones; pelvic sling to stabilize fractures; tourniquet to stop life threatening bleeding; naso/oro pharyngeal airway maintenance; suction unit for quick, safe airway suction; trauma dressings; burn dressings for face, hands and flat burns; triage tags; latex-free gloves. The standard kit also includes equipment for dealing with minor injuries such as cuts, bumps and bruises. Visit for more information.


PIC Wire & Cable Interconnect Solutions


PIC Wire & Cable has over 40 years of application success in programs and systems worldwide including the AgustaWestland AW609, Sikorsky MH-60G and HH-60G Pave Hawks and Chinook Helicopter Glass Cockpit Upgrade. PIC serves the aviation industry’s military, corporate and commercial sectors, providing interconnect solutions including electronic cables, cable connectors and avionic cable assemblies. The cable products are designed and engineered to meet the most stringent electrical and mechanical performance criteria for advanced electronic applications including EMI immunity, lightweight, low loss, high temperature and harsh environment. The company’s PICMATES family of interconnect solutions cover network/communications, data transfer, communications and high frequency/microwave and entertainment cable demands. RFMATES are used in a wide variety of avionics platforms such as navigation, collision avoidance and communications systems whereas MicroMATES are designed specifically to serve Ku Band and X Band applications, providing high bandwidth for data and supporting satellite communications. PIC Wire & Cable aims to improve platform and system performance, reduce development and manufacturing schedules, and lower total costs. For more information, call 1-800-742-3191 or visit


Aero Dynamix Achieves QPL Certification

Aero Dynamix, Inc. has now been approved by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for addition to the qualified products list (QPL) for MIL-DTL-7788 integrally illuminated panels. Aero Dynamix’s proprietary, in-house panel design and production capabilities include: state-of-the-art illumination design and testing technologies essential for effective light balancing of each illuminated panel produced; laser-etching capabilities for each illuminated panel to guarantee superior text clarity and legibility in all lighting conditions; and a robotic paint facility to ensure consistency of paint application. Aero Dynamix’s business philosophy stresses timely, professional response to customer requests using a system of defined processes that ensure a finished panel meets or exceeds customer requirements. Aero Dynamix is the industry leader and principle innovator of integrated Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) solutions for commercial and military aircraft. Contact Aero Dynamix today at for more information or to request a quote. Aero Dynamix has a wide array of optional equipment with the best solutions and exceptional customer support for all your Night Vision requirements. Let Aero Dynamix be your one-stop-shop for night vision and integrally illuminated panel solutions.

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