Bell Helicopter, TRU Simulation + Training Announce Agreement

By Staff Writer | October 17, 2014
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Bell Helicopter and TRU Simulation + Training will collaborate on multiple projects, including a Flight Training Device (FTD) and a new training center. 

TRU will provide a high fidelity FTD and Interactive Multi Media Instruction (IMI) virtual Maintenance Trainer for the Bell V-280 Valor. The FTD will give pilots a sense of the aircraft’s cockpit design and next generation tiltrotor operation. It will familiarize the legacy helicopter pilot community with the transformational acceleration, deceleration, low-speed agility, and high-speed maneuverability of a next generation V-280 tiltrotor that will fundamentally change the way they employ, fly and fight in future conflicts. The company will also provide a virtual Maintenance Trainer that uses multi-media courseware to help flight mechanics learn the Bell V-280 Valor system faster and more quickly become proficient in serving the end customer’s maintenance needs.

Bell and TRU Simulation + Training will also be collaborating on the first Bell Helicopter training center in Valencia, Spain. The center is expected to open in the first quarter of 2016 with the Bell 429 as its initial training platform. The training will be conducted via a full flight simulator (FFS) which will be designed and produced by TRU Simulation + Training. The FFS is certified to Level D FAA and EASA requirements, and the system will include TRU Simulation + Training’s ODYSSEY H FFS design – an ultra high definition visual system with 240 degree horizontal by 80 degree vertical field of view, and 41 megapixel total system resolution visual display. It also utilizes primary and secondary motion systems, and features a roll-on/roll-off capability, which allows the simulator to be reconfigurable for other helicopters.


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