ACR Electronics Upgrades Military Distress Lights

By By Andrew Drwiega, International Bureau Chief | October 29, 2014
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ACR Electronics has upgraded its MS-2000(M) series of military LED distress lights to the MS-2000(M2) family comprising three types: the MS-2000(M2) Strobe, the Doublefly and the Waterbug.


Photo courtesy ACR Electronics

The lights will strobe at a maximum of 41 candela (301 lumens) but with an average of 205 lumens per flash. There is a vibration mode synchronized with the light’s operation, which is particularly appropriate to anyone operating it in infrared mode. The Doublefly includes two extra light and vibration modes (steady-on and ‘SOS mode), while the Waterbug also incorporates an automatic water activation feature. 


All three lights feature infrared (IR), white or blue filters. Each unit is powered by two AA alkaline batteries, which give up to 56 hours of power. The manufacturer claims six miles visibility in clear weather. 


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