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Sikorsky Withdraws from Polish Multi-Role Helicopter Competition

By By Andrew Drwiega, International Bureau Chief | October 31, 2014
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Sikorsky, together with Polish subsidiary PZL Mielec, is to withdraw from the current competition managed by the Polish Ministry of Defense to supply its armed forces with 70 multi-role helicopters.

According to Sikorsky, part of United Technologies, the contract was written in such a way that “the technical, legal and economic terms set by the Ministry of National Defense preclude us from participating in the procurement procedure.” 

Sikorsky had put forward its S-70i Black Hawk, which is made in Poland, as the contender in the $3 billion (€1.89 billion) contract. Its competitors are Airbus Helicopters with the EC725 and AgustaWestland through PZL Åšwidnik offering its AW149. 


Reports from the Polish media have claimed that the government sees the letter as a “negotiation technique” and that it does not intend to modify the tender conditions.


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