Garmin Offers New Weather Radar and NAV/COM Radios for Helicopter Operations

By Staff Writer | January 7, 2015
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Avionics producer Garmin has unveiled Night Vision Goggles (NVG) capable versions of its GTR 225 COM and GNC 255 NAV/COM radios, as well as the new GWX 70H solid-state weather radar, all of which are optimized for helicopter operations.

The NVG capable GTR 225 and GNC 255 radios offer an internal frequency database, which makes it simple to find frequencies associated with an airport or facility. By entering an airport identifier, frequency data associated with the facility is displayed for quick and easy access to information needed while en route. With an optional switch on the controls, this safety-enhancing feature enables pilots to easily select from often-used radio frequencies while leaving their hands free for in-flight operations. When installed with a compatible GPS unit such as the GTN 650/750 or GNS 430W/530W series, the GTR 225 and GNC 255 conveniently displays facility name and type when tuned to a valid station. Additional time-saving features permit the GTR and GNC series to automatically store 20 recently used frequencies, with the option to manually store up to 15 of the most-used frequencies, such as those at the pilot’s home airport. In addition to the GTR 225 and GNC 255, Garmin offers additional NVG capable products, including the GTN 650/635/750 touchscreen navigators and G500/G600/G500H flight display systems.

The helicopter-optimized GWX 70H weather radar has been enhanced for more challenging environmental conditions. Doppler-capable radar provides accurate, easy-to-interpret, real-time analysis in the field. Vertical scanning also enables pilots to analyze gradients and cell buildup activity at various altitudes. With the addition of Ground Mapping Mode, the GWX 70H provides a real-time depiction of terrain so operators can easily detect natural and man-made ground features, further enhancing situational awareness. Compared to earlier generation magnetron-based weather radar systems, the GWX 70H offers significant improvements in capability, reliability and cost of ownership. The GWX 70H is compatible with the GTN 750 and GTN 725 touchscreen navigators, the G1000 integrated flight deck, G500/G600/G500H flight display systems and GMX 200 multi-function display (MFD).


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