SEI Industries Provides HPARS for Civilian Use

By Staff Writer | January 8, 2015
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Originally designed for use by military forces, SEI Industries’ High-Pressure Aviation Refueling System (HPARS) is now available for civilian commercial use.


Photo courtesy SEI Industries
Best defined as a durable, portable method of fueling and de-fueling jet fuel to and from aircraft and fuel tanker trucks, the HPARS uses a self-priming centrifugal pump driven by an electric motor with filtration provided by a horizontal filter separator according to American Petroleum Institute guidelines (API 1581 5th). Rated for a maximum flow rate of 750 liters (198 US gallons) per minute, the HPARS system controls fuel flow via a manually operated globe valve, while a flow meter measures the amount of fuel delivered. 
The system includes several safety features: it’s explosion proof in accordance with the Canadian electrical code; it incorporates easy-to-use emergency stop buttons and controls that can be operated with large winter gloves; and it provides a dead man’s switch that can be used by operators during refueling. Fire extinguishers and a small spill kit are also included. The HPARS is contained in a steel weatherproof enclosure with its own lighting system, permitting deployment anywhere in the world.

The first company to purchase the civilian-use HPARS has decided to use it in a mining application on Baffin Island in Canada’s far north.


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